New Details On Limited Edition Steve Austin Statue From WWE & McFarlane Toys

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New Limited-Edition WWE ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Statue is Now Available!

Hand-painted, resin statue complete with historic WWE memorabilia and FREE shipping!

Stone Cold Steve Austin revolutionized sports-entertainment when he ushered in WWE’s “Attitude Era.” He was a hero to the masses—the trash-talking, beer-guzzling redneck who stood up to anyone in his path, his boss included. Arguably, the bond Austin forged with fans is unparalleled in WWE history.

Whether it was his legendary battles against Mr. McMahon and The Rock, or his storied in-ring rants that stemmed some of the most iconic catchphrases in WWE history, Stone Cold was true pop-culture phenomenon.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin is stepping onto the turnbuckle one more time as McFarlane Toys’ third WWE Icon Series limited-edition statue is available NOW on the McFarlane Toys online store.

This cold-cast, limited-edition resin statue created, developed and designed by Todd McFarlane and his award-winning McFarlane Toys design group, in conjunction with WWE, displays Austin wearing his trademark leather vest and knee brace, perched atop the turnbuckles with his fists in the air, saluting the crowd. Also included as a backdrop for the figure is Austin’s trademark skull logo, a staple of his Hall of Fame career.

With the overall statue standing at approximately 23 inches tall and Austin himself towering at 14.75 inches, this piece would make the perfect centerpiece in your WWE collection! The “Stone Cold” Steve Austin statue is limited to only 500 pieces, each with a sequentially numbered plaque and Certificate of Authenticity hand-signed by Todd McFarlane.

Austin was known for many of his great rivalries, but no one could deny the electricity created with every bout against one of his greatest adversaries, The Rock. One of the most iconic matches between these two legendary wrestlers came at WrestleMania® X-Seven on April 1, 2001 in a No Disqualification match for the WWE Championship. This main event match included everything you would want from these two titans of the ring – from trading signature moves to a ridiculous number of steel chairs shots, this was definitely a match for the ages. In the end, Austin became the new WWE champion, thanks to an alliance no one saw coming.

As an added bonus and to celebrate this historic match between Austin and The Rock, an authentic piece of a ring skirt from WrestleMania V-Seven is included with each statue. Now you can own a piece of WWE history!

The “Stone Cold” Steve Austin resin statue retails at $295 with FREE Shipping* and delivery before Christmas** and is available Monday, November 24th at Noon EST on the McFarlane Toys online store. These statues are ready to open a can of whoop-ass and that’s the bottom line….’cause Stone Cold said so!

For the Austin super fans out there, 50 additional statues will also be available on McFarlane Toys online store, signed by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin himself. These extremely sought after statues will retail at $395.

A limited quantity of the unsigned statues will be available from the WWE Shop and through Diamond Select Retailers. Stay tuned to for more info on this statue, along with news on all the awesome products from McFarlane Toys.

*Free shipping and handling only available in the U.S. and Canada

**Must place order by Monday, December 15; For destinations within the continental United States and items that leave our warehouse within 1-2 full business days.