News on GRR Trophy Being Broken, More on Vince’s Plans For Drew

According to a recent report by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the spot where Braun Strowman ran into Drew McIntyre and knocked over the Greatest Royal Rumble trophy and actually broke it was more of a big deal to the company than anyone would expect. Apparently, there were some high ranking people who did not want anyone from Saudi Arabia to see that so the company made sure it was completely edited out of any footage that would air in that country later in the week.
It was previously reported that Vince McMahon has been “very high” on Drew McIntyre since his return to WWE RAW last month. Triple H has also been extensively involved with Drew McIntyre and his storylines. According to recent online reports, McIntyre’s pairing with Dolph Ziggler is said to be temporary. The report also indicates that “something big” could be in store for McIntyre down the road, which is consistent with another independent source who revealed that WWE sees Drew as having star potential.