NSA Surveillance Blowback: Brazil's President May Cancel Washington Visit

In the fallout of the revelations of vast spying by the NSA, there are signs Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff may be canceling her scheduled Oct. 23 visit to Washington.

On Sunday, journalist Glenn Greenwald reported that the NSA had spied on the phone calls and electronic communications of Rousseff as well as Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto.

Reuters reported Wednesday that Rousseff would possibly cancel her formal trip to the White House in October unless she received a public apology for the surveillance.

An unnamed senior Brazilian official told the news agency, “She is completely furious.”

“This is a major, major crisis …. There needs to be an apology. It needs to be public. Without that, it’s basically impossible for her to go to Washington in October,” Reuters reports the official as saying.

And on Thursday, another sign the visit could be canceled emerged.


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