Nueva Generacion Dinamita appear at AAA Triplemania XXIX

Nueva Generación Dinamita, or NGD, made their debut for AAA at tonight’s Triplemania XXIX event.

Sanson, El Cuatrero & Forastero made their arrival after Mr. Iguana won the Copa Triplemania battle royal. They immediately laid out Iguana and others that tried to make the save for him, including Octagon Jr. El Poder del Norte then came in and brawled with NGD, but La Empresa (Sam Adonis, Puma King, and Diamante Azul) came in and took them out, joining forces with NGD.

Prior to last week, NGD had been a part of CMLL, in fact appearing on last Friday’s card in Arena Mexico. On August 10, CMLL announced that they and NGD had mutually agreed to part ways. As a result, the CMLL World Trios titles were vacated, as well as the CMLL World Middleweight Championship, which was previously held by Cuatrero.

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Another surprise appearance that took place on tonight’s Triplemania card was Ric Flair, who accompanied Andrade el Idolo for his match against Kenny Omega for the AAA Mega Heavyweight title. Omega retained the title despite Flair being in Andrade’s corner.