NXT Tampa, FL, live results: Samoa Joe vs. No Way Jose for the NXT title

I’m here in Tampa for NXT Live and a sold out show of approximately 400.

– Steve Cutler beat Dan Matha

Physical match with a lot of power by Matha. Cutler showed resilience by not giving up and finally locking in what looked like the Anaconda Vice for a submission.

– Ember Moon beat Billie Kay

Kay tried to keep Moon grounded and the pace slow, yet Moon was too much for her. Moon hit a handspring elbow followed by a unique pinning roll-through for the win.

– Angelo Dawkins beat Patrick Clark

Crowd was all over Clark for not having his “Face Pants” and then all over Dawkins about his headband. Physical match between the comedy before Dawkins laid out Clark with a big right for the win.

– American Alpha beat Sawyer Fulton & Alexander Wolfe

Incredible grappling by Gable early, the best footwork I’ve ever seen in person. Transitioning out of and in to anything he wanted, big hot tag to Jordan, straps down, spears, throws, and finally hitting Grand Amplitude for the win.

– Austin Aries beat Hugo Knox

A lot of fun with Knox as the face and Aries using heel tactics at every turn. Aries even used his feet on the ropes for the win.

In-ring promo with Kenneth Crawford who says he is what a real man should be. He was dressed up in a magnificent grey suit with red shoes.

– Carmella & Aliyah beat Daria & Mandy Rose

Heels got a lot of heat on Aliyah before Carmella took the hot tag and ran wild, finally applying the Code Of Silence for the submission win.

– NXT Champion Samoa Joe beat No Way Jose to retain his title

Joe was in control right away with Jose only having some hope spots. Methodical beating by Joe until he locked in the clutch for the win.