Perro Aguayo Jr. dies mid-ring in match with Rey Mysterio Jr.

By: Mike Coughlin

Perro Aguayo Jr. died last night during a match with Rey Mysterio Jr. in Tijuana. In Mysterio Jr.’s return to Tijuana, during a tag team match with Mysterio Jr. and Xtreme Tiger against Aguayo Jr. and Manik, Mysterio Jr. appears to set up Aguayo Jr. for a 619 but something happened. What that something was is unknown right now.  Initial reports said that whiplash from Manik hitting the ropes first caused the injury but that no longer looks to be the case.

Arguayo Jr. may have simply hit the rope awkwardly but regardless it’s clear that he immediately goes limp.  The match continued for a brief moment or two but it then became apparent something was very, very wrong.

He was pronounced dead in the hospital shortly thereafter.

At this point, anything else on my part would be speculation. No doubt, Dave Meltzer will have tons more on this throughout the day. Needless to say, this will go down as one of Mexican wrestling’s most tragic and infamous moments and for American fans is probably best analogized to the death of Owen Hart.

There is video of the incident, which I’m not going to link to as it feels morbid, but which is easily found if you’re so inclined. Please be warned: it is a video of a man’s last moments on earth.

Having wrestled for CMLL and AAA, Aguayo Jr. was wrestling royalty, being the son of the legendary Aguayo Sr. and was one of Mexican wrestling’s bigger stars. Others far more qualified than I will have more to say shortly.

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