Raven Explains Why He Once Considered His Wrestling Career A Failure

Former WWE, WCW and ECW Superstar Raven recently appeared as a guest on the Prime Time with Sean Mooney podcast for an in-depth interview. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On working out his mental issues by going to a Psychologist: “Wrestling is full of tough guys, but we’re creative, because we’re creative people or you wouldn’t be in this particular sport. But tough guys don’t go to Psychologists. So many people could benefit from that, it saved me. I’m content now as a human being. I never could have dreamed of being content until I went to a Psychologist’s couch.”

On his belief at one point that his career was a failure: “I always held myself to a higher standard. I thought my career was a failure because I never was the World Champion of WWE. Of course, the odds against that were astronomical. The fact that I burned my bridge up there numerous times was making sure it’s not going to happen and I may not have been qualified to be the World Champion – I mean, I think I was – but let’s say some people didn’t think I was.”

On what made him change his thought-process regarding his career: “[My Psychologist] pointed out, ‘The only one holding you to a higher standard is you. You don’t have to hold yourself to that standard. You’re career was incredible successful’ and I go, ‘Yeah, but…’ and she goes, ‘Let me ask you this. If somebody else had your career, what would you tell them?’ Oh, they had an incredibly successful career! ‘Then why can’t you let yourself have that?’ That’s what I dealt with and that’s what we went through over and over until I accepted the fact that I had a hell of a goddamn career.”

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(Check out the complete Raven interview above, or at YouTube.com. H/T to WrestlingInc.com.)