RAW Report 1/26/09 Cleveland, Ohio

RAW this week starts with a video of Orton last week ripping on Steph and then talking nasty about Steph to Vince. Vince was about to fire Orton but then Orton attacked Vince. After it was over Steph rushed to Vince’s side and Orton realized what he had done. Vince was taken out on a stretcher.

Lilian announced Orton as the RR winner. Orton comes out with Ted and Cody and three suits behind them. All six get in the ring. Orton grabs a mic and sighs. He say his name is Randy Orton and he would like to introduce his lawyers and therapist and the other members of Legacy. The reason he’s out there is to discuss the events that happened last week on RAW. As we all know he’s a third generations superstar. WWE is in his blood, it’s who he is. But he’s been living with something else too. IED, Intermittent Explosive Disorder. 16 million people live with it. When the person is provoked the person loses control and gets violent. After being slapped by Steph and his job threatened by Vince he was sufficiently provoked. We all saw his face after it happened. WWE knew of his condition and did nothing. If Steph fires him tonight he will sue her and WWE. But that’s the just the first lawsuit, there’s a second. Last night he won the RR which proves he’s more superior than anyone in the company. He will sue for what he’s entitled to for breach of contract. Steph will also lose Cody and Ted as they have vowed to walk. With the three of them gone, there will be virtually no superstars left on the RAW roster. There’s one more piece of business he needs to attend to. He pulls out a piece of paper and reads an apology to Vince for the trauma that befell him last week. He’s sorry to Vince’s family for the trauma. “You suck” chants. He reads that he’s a man of honor and apologizes again to Vince, his family and to all of us. A man with a deep voice screamed nastiness at Orton through the whole segment and it was very distracting – to the point that I wish someone had told him to be quiet or he’d be removed. He was almost as loud as Orton coming through my TV!

Out back Steph is watching Orton on a monitor and looks uber pissed.

– Commercial

Lilian announce a Tag Team Championship Match. Cryme Tyme is out to the ring first. Video of Cryme Tyme beating Miz and Morrison last week. Miz and Morrison come out and get in Cryme Tyme’s face in the ring.

Miz and JTG start off. JTG sends Miz coast to coast then hits a mug shot for two. JTG ends up on the apron and Morrison got involved. Miz covered for two. Morrison tagged in JTG landed on his feet from an attempted suplex and managed to tag out. Shad worked over both Morrison in the ring and Miz on the apron until he ran into a Morrison foot in the corner. That didn’t last long and Shad got a long two on Morrison. Shad slammed him down and Miz made the save. Miz ate a big boot on the apron but Morrison attacked Shad from behind. Morrison took Shad down and got the three.

– Winners: Miz & Morrison

King talks about No Way Out and the return of the Elimination Chamber. Video about the Elimination Chamber with lots of match clips and JR’s voice explaining how it works. King then says both the WHC and the WWE Championship will be defended in Elimination Chambers.

JBL comes out to the stage, no limo. He says he’s sorry to interrupt the King, but he has to announce two matches. HBK will fight for JBL tonight and when he wins JBL will be in the Elimination Chamber. HBK will face Cena tonight.

– Commercial

Kofi comes out to the ring. Kane comes out to face him.

Kofi kicks the heck out of Kane and then flies at him. Kane catches Kofi in the cross body and slam him down. Kane beats on Kofi in one corner then another. Kane whips Kofi and then hit a clothesline for two. Kofi started to work on gaining control until he ran into a big boot. Kane flew off the corner and slammed Kofi down hard. High kick to the back of Kane’s head. Another kick to Kane’s head from Kofi. Kane gets Kofi up but Kofi climbs down Kane’s back and slams him backward somehow. Kofi pins for three!

– Winner: Kofi

Kofi flees the ring and is shocked on the ramp. Kane holds his head in the ring. Kofi will be in the EC for Cena’s title!

Video of Orton attacking Vince as Vince is about to fire him.

– Commercial

Jericho comes out to the stage in a suit and tie looking mad. He says recently the entire WWE has been raving about the movie The Wrestler staring Mickey Rourke. A video about the movie. Jericho says Flair gave this movie a glowing review. Even though Flair’s retired he has to stay in the spotlight. Flair and Rourke became friends, but gave Rourke some bad advice as Rourke said this last night on the red carpet. Video of Mickey saying Vince wants him to do WM and Jericho better get in shape. He’s going to toss Jericho like a salad. Flair, Piper and Afa are showing him everything. Jericho says it’s one thing to play a wrestler in a movie, it’s another thing to be one. He’s offended Jericho and the last thing he or Flair should do is offence Jericho.

JBL is out back. HBK came up. JBL asks what he did last night. HBK says he put Cena’s guard down and did everything he could to make JBL win. He assumed it was taken care of. JBL says HBK’s problem was assuming. JBL says HBK should be fired, but he has a job to do. He has one last chance. Beat Cena, right now.

– Commercial

Video about WM starting with the first one. WWE became mainstream because of WM. In the 80’s they really brought in some major mainstream stars to get WM the recognition. Since then it has just grown all over the world.

JBL’s music, but out comes HBK looking grumpy with JBL in tow. HBK gets in the ring, JBL stands outside with a malevolent glare. Cena comes bouncing out to face HBK.

“Cena” chants at the bell. They get face to face in the center of the ring and exchange blows. HBK gets the upper hand with chops. Cena goes for a bulldog but HBK pushes him off. A slap for HBK and Cena punches him hard to the mat. HBK rolls from the ring to regroup. HBK back on the apron. “Cena” chants.

– Commercial

Cena covers HBK for two. HBK then locks on the figure four and Cena immediately reverses it. HBK releases. Suplex to HBK for two. Chinlock on HBK in the center of the ring. Dueling “Let’s go Cena” and “Cena sucks” chants. HBK works to his feet and out. Back body drop on HBK. HBK is whipped and lands hard on the mat. Cena telegraphs and loses control. A flying forearm to Cena. Inverted atomic drop to Cena. HBK to the apron and is about to climb but Cena is up. HBK works him over through the ropes. Drop toe hold and Cena tries for the STFU but HBK is out. Cena gets HBK up and slams him down hard. Five knuckle shuffle set up but HBK counters before he can and lock on the crossface! Center of the ring and it’s really locked in. Cena to his knees but falls back down. Cena gets back to his knees then up with HBK in FU position. HBK grabs the ropes and gets out. Drop toe hold from Cena and he lock on the STF. HBK wiggles and crawls to JBL and the ropes. JBL doesn’t touch the ropes but HBK gets there. Both men are down. Cena gets up slowly, HBK uses the ropes to get up. Cena gets HBK up for the FU but HBK wiggles through and rolls Cena up for two. HBK slams Cena in a corner and beats on him. HBK is whipped and flips in the corner but comes with a huge clothesline. “Cena” chants. Scoop slam to Cena. HBK to the apron about to climb but JBL screams at HBK to superkick him! JBL berates HBK as he climbs. Cena gets up and pushes JBL who crashes into HBK who falls into the ring. Cena gets HBK up and hits the FU for three.

– Winner: Cena

Video of Cena pushing JBL. Cena leaves the ring with HBK prone on the mat. JBL gets in. The loud guy in the crowd tries to get a “you suck” chant going, but it doesn’t happen. JBL just stands over HBK and glares.

Video, again, of Vince about to fire Orton but then Orton attacks. King and Cole talk about the guts Orton had to read his apology. Video of that apology.

In her office Grisham asks what action will be taken against Orton, if any. She said there is and it will be taken publicly and to his face.

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WWE Rewind – Still from Melina beating Beth last night for the title.

Melina comes out with black feather fans, her title belt and wearing blue and black. Kelly is next out in black and silver – very little of it! Beth comes out in her black and silver jumpsuit. Jillian in all black and Santino are in tow. Beth has a huge scowl on her face. Santino sets up at the announce table.

Beth chokes Melina and lifts her high before backing her into a corner. Melina comes out and lands on Beth’s chest. Melina is whipped but moves before Beth can get her. A back elbow to Melina and Jillian tags in. Kelly tags in and pins Jillian for two. Kelly is in control until on the apron and distracted by Beth. Jillian knocks her from the apron. She rolls Kelly back in and pins for two. Beth tags in and pins Kelly for two. Kelly is trying to get the tag but Jillian distracts the ref. Rosa grabs Melina off the apron hard so she hits her head.. Beth slams Kelly hard and gets the three.

– Winners: Beth & Jillian

Melina tends to Kelly as Beth taunts from the apron with Santino and Jillian.

WM promo video showing a lot of old match clips and bits of old WM commercials – HHH as Braveheart, Hemme/Angle in When Harry Met Sally, etc. More about the Money In The Bank Ladder Match and how it works.

– Commercial

WWE Slam Of The Week – Last week when Ray beat Knox via DQ, but was beaten down hard.

Rey comes out to the ring in red and white. This is an EC Qualifying Match. Regal comes out to face him with Layla in a black body suit and some of the highest stiletto heels I have ever seen. Regal is not wearing that shirt he’s been wearing in the ring recently.

Rey gains quick control. Seated senton and goes for a hurricanrana but is pushed off to land hard. Regal has full control and pins for two. Chin/arm lock on Rey. “Regal sucks” chats. Regal telegraphs but then gets slammed backward to the mat hard. Regal tries three times for the three, but only gets two. Regal drops a knee to Rey’s head for two. Regal beats on Rey in a corner. Rey is whipped and then into a punch for two. Regal throws punches then pins again! Rey somehow reverses a move to an arm drag then a kick to Regal’s head. Regal comes back by throwing Rey down for two. Rey hits a money flip then set Regal up. 619 then a big splash and Rey pins for three.

– Winner: Rey

Rey celebrates in the ring.

– Commercial

Rosa is asking Santino if she did the right thing. She had to do something – the way the title was stolen form her. She had to take a stand, for women everywhere. Beth came up and looked pissed. She then said, “We can keep her.” Rosa and Santino celebrated.

Trailer for Cena’s newest movie – 12 Rounds.

– Commercial

Punk comes out to the ring. Video of Punk beating Regal last week. Jericho comes out to face him. Jericho is in trunk rather than pants. Maybe he’s been wearing them and I hadn’t noticed, but I know he used to only wear pants.

Side headlock on Jericho. Jericho is taken down and Punk covers for one. Jericho gets bounced face first off a corner, but Jericho sends Punk flying off a sitting position in the opposite corner. Headlock on Punk in the center of the ring. Jericho runs into a kick then a back elbow. A high knee in a corner followed by a bulldog on Jericho. Punk gets a two. Punk sits Jericho up top. They exchange blows. Head scissors off the corner to Jericho for two. Punk gets Jericho up for the GTS but Jericho elbows out and wiggles down to cover Punk. They reverse pins a couple times. Jericho tries for the walls but Punk powers out. Punk covers but Jericho bridges out. Jericho hits a code breaker and gets the three.

– Winner: Jericho

Jericho leaves the ring and up the ramp.

More video of Vince almost firing Orton before being attacked.

Split screen – left is Steph heading for the ring. Right is Orton looking worried.

– Commercial

Steph comes out to the ring in a black suit. She says she’s there to address Orton’s actions of last week. If he thinks because he won the RR, is threatening lawsuits and read a half hearted apology he’s done what he could, he’s wrong. She invites him out to hear what she thinks. Orton comes out with Ted on one side and Cody on the other. The three suit follow behind. Orton says before she says another words, he wants her to ask herself a question. Does she want to go through with this? If she ifres him she’ll be subjecting herself to a nightmare. Orton will be gone as will Ted and Cody. The star power in the locker room will be crippled. The “shrink” or “lawyer” says that his condition is real. They knew and did nothing. She can’t humiliate him like she did another wrestler last week. She can’t do that to him. She gets in his face. Then she gets in Orton’s face and asks if this is a threat? He says it is. He will get an injunction to stop WM and shut WWE down. What will Steph do about that? The locker room clears and they’re all on stage. Orton asks what they’re looking at? He asks if he cares that they don’t have a WM? That he won’t take them all down with him if he’s fired. Maybe that’s what he will do. He yells at Steph to fire him. He begs her to fire him. Let him take the company down. Let’s hear the words Vince was going to say before he kicked him in the skull. He’s right in her face. She says firing him is too good, we have bigger plans. Shane’s music and he comes out – not bouncing! He looks pissed. On the stage he takes off his leather coat and hands it to someone. He unbuttons his cuffs as he comes to the ring. Everyone leaves the ring but Legacy. Orton backs behind Cody and Ted. Shane tackles Orton. They drag him off and hold him while Orton beats him. Shane gets away and tackles Orton again. They again get him off and beat on him, but a third time he takes Orton down. Finally gets them away and takes Orton down hard with more punches. Shane then takes apart Cody. Ted half carries, half pulls Orton up the ramp. Shane leaves the ring and attacks Ted with a forearm to the upper back and then mount Orton to beat on him some more. Either Cody or Ted attacks Shane from behind and they all jump in. They had let him fight the battle until it got there, right in front of them, and a cheap shot was hit. They ripped them off Shane and somehow Orton got away. Some held Cody, some held Ted. They were all held apart. Regal and Kofi hold Shane back. Shane back elbows Regal and the punches and kicks Kofi – seeming to have lost it. He keeps demanding, “Where is he?”

Biggest pops
Cryme Tyme

Biggest heat

Best Segment
The final segment where the locker room cleared to stand behind the McMahons and then Shane attacked Orton and Legacy.