Replay’s new online strategy

Italian fashion retailer Replay announced the launch of its new portal. Now online, Replay’s new e-platform is developed to promote its collections and online shop. The main aim of the new website is to offer more innovative and fast-access content to its unique users.

Through video technology visitors are able to access clips that provide a direct link to the Replay e-shop. Consumers can pause the video and proceed to purchase a product they have seen featured in the video itself. There is a strong focus on the integration of the brand experience and the purchasing process.

“The internet is a key tool for a young, fast-moving company like ours. All our brands, each with its own personality, will find space and a voice on this new platform, as will the products connected to the numerous brand extension projects” says Gaetano Sallorenzo, CEO of Fashion Box spa.

The company also designed a new Twitter page, which will keep consumers in the know with Replay’s latest news. The press in particular will be able to use this as an official source of information, which can be used immediately. The online project has been developed by Replay in conjunction with the agency H-art.