Road Dogg Reveals Which Superstar A.J. Styles' Theme Was Originally Intended For

As noted, Jeff Jarrett, Road Dogg and Elias were guests on the latest edition of Table For 3, which was recently released via the WWE Network.

During the episode, WWE executive Road Dogg revealed an interesting note regarding the popular trademark theme song of current WWE Champion A.J. Styles. According to Road Dogg, the theme was originally intended for James Storm when he came to WWE to be part of the NXT brand in 2015.

“That was originally written and developed for James Storm,” said Road Dogg of the theme song fans recognize as the one used by ‘The Phenomenal One’ on WWE television today. “James passed [on it] and he went a different direction, A.J. stepped in, and it just worked out perfectly.”

In addition to the conversation about Styles’ theme song, the show also featured a debate between Jarrett and Elias regarding who the better guitar-smasher is. Check out the preview clip WWE released for the episode featuring that discussion below.

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