Rob Van Dam Speaks Out, Update On Crowbar, HITR Sits Down With Cary Silkin

— On July 10th, China’s special interview with former
WWE and ECW Champion Rob Van Dam is broadcasted. Host Daddy Shawn talked
with Rob Van Dam about a variety of subjects, RVD shoot on Undertaker, Ric
Flair, the McMahons, WWE, Jim Ross, Stan Hansen and many more. Below is
the recap of the interview.

– RVD talked about his time in USWA.

– RVD talked about Chris Candido and RVD never really got along.

– RVD cleared rumors about Cowboy Bill Watts did not like him when he was
in WCW.

– RVD talked about his time in All-Japan.

– RVD shared memories of Mitsuharu Misawa and Giant Baba.

– RVD shoot on Stan Hansen and Gary Albright, discussed about Toshiaki
Kawada and Kenta Kobashi.

– RVD talked about Raven when he was in WCW and compared him to ECW later on.

– Daddy Shawn and RVD discussed whether pro wrestling business should be

– Discussed about ECW, saying it was very unorganized.

– RVD talked about his first stint in WWF back in 97 as Mr.Monday Night.

– RVD talked about why he did not stay in WWF too long after the angle.

– RVD mentioned about the first ECW Invasion angle with WWE, talked about
how Paul Heyman and ECW wrestlers had to be on guard during the angle.

– RVD talked about wrestling Bam Bam Bigelow and memories of him.

– RVD talked about the rumor of him being dangerous in the ring.

– RVD talked about there were things that him and Sabu did not have to do
because Paul Heymand would treat him and Sabu like the major stars.

– RVD talked about WWE dropping the ball on Jerry Lynn.

– RVD said WWE didn’t understand him, and he hated the scripts that
writers gave him.

– RVD talked about WWE held him back to make less money when they didn’t
make enough of his t-shirts or putting them at the stands, in his
hometown. Instead, Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin’s t-shirts were
everywhere even when Austin was not at the arena.

– RVD was pissed off at WWE for forcing him make less money.

– RVD shoot on New Jack, saying he can’t wrestle. Mention his selling
point was jumping off building. Mentioned he probably don’t know how to do
a headlock. RVD never respected him as a wrestler or a person, and talked
about New Jack treated the whole Mass Transit Eric Kulas incident.

– Daddy Shawn also talked about being afraid of inviting New Jack to the
show as well.

– RVD talked about the Alliance angle, he called Paul Heyman and Paul set
things up for him. He met with Jim Ross, saying he in the WWE had a
reputation due to the the first ECW Invasion. He felt he sold out when he
first appeared on WWE until he met Tommy Dreamer.

– RVD felt he could never trust Jim Ross, Jim Ross would tell him to
change his styles. Saying that Jim Ross would hold him down when he was
doing his commentaries.

– RVD felt John Lauranaitis went way back and he could talk to him as a

– RVD cleared the rumors about the heat between him and Kurt Angle. He
apologized to Vince McMahon afterwards, instead Vince joked about it.

– RVD mentioned that his first WWE Pay-Per-View Match he was already a
star and the high-ups trashed the Original ECW, saying nobody really
watched that little show, simply did not want to give RVD and ECW credit.

– RVD shoot on WWE saying if you made your own name, you are only going to
get so far WWE.

– RVD said some of the top guys in WWE. He would not allow them to even
get into his doorstep and would be left outside.

– Shoot on Ric Flair said that he has nothing outside of wrestling. Said
that he did not know how to be a simple human being. Mentioned Ric Flair
is far-gone.

– Said that Triple H, Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin held down Rob
Van Dam, but he does not have any evidence.

– He praised Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, saying that he respected
both of them. Comparing the situations with Chris Benoit and Michael

– RVD shoot on the Vince McMahon version of ECW. Vince McMahon said he
trained the fans to chant ECW.

– RVD said that Vince McMahon implied the Original ECW had no credibility.
The only reason that there was credibility in ECW was because Vince
McMahon put it in ECW.

– RVD said McMahon lived in the “McMahon-World”.

– RVD said that Jim Ross would trashed the Original ECW as much as he could.

– RVD told a story that Shane McMahon once told him that the reason why he
didn’t make it in WWE was because his relationship with Vince McMahon. He
would tell RVD that he needed to go to Vince and tell him that RVD is the

– RVD mentioned to the agents told him his promos sucked, but they only
gave him a “COOL”.

– RVD said WWE didn’t understand him yet tried to control him, he doesn’t
have much passion with WWE.

– RVD shoot on John Cena, said that he is talented. Said that he got
rushed into the big spot. Shoot on John Cena saying that he tried to his
to treat himself like a king and looked down on the Spirit Squads.

– RVD said that Vince McMahon held a vendetta against “Heyman’s Boys”. At
one point he tried to fired all the ECW Originals.

– RVD said Vince McMahon being the ECW Champion was a slap to the face to
everyone. Said ECW stood for Anti-Vince McMahon.

– RVD mentioned how Italy’s NWE was being ran. he unveiled how NWE drew in
Italy and it wasn’t honest.

– RVD talked about his movies, and Wrong Side of Town. Also mentioned RVDTV.

For this explosive 1 hour 30 minutes interview, go to the following link,


Ever since ISPW: The Return back in April, former WCW Superstar Crowbar keeps making mention to someone that he simply refers to as “He” and “Him.” ISPW has just received a very creepy letter in the mail today that Crowbar will no doubt not be happy with. The following is the letter that was sent priority mail to ISPW’s offices this morning:


To cause to be different.
To give a completely different form or appearance to; transform.
To give and receive reciprocally; interchange.
To lay aside, abandon, or leave for another; switch.
To put a fresh covering on.
To become different or undergo alteration.
To undergo transformation or transition.
To go from one phase to another, as the moon or the seasons.
To put on other clothing:
To alternate with another person in performing a task.
To alter one’s approach or attitude.

Crowbar hasn’t followed through with any of the above.

Crowbar has the opportunity to win the ISPW World Heavyweight Championship at Summer Rumble in Freehold, NJ this Saturday night.

There is no way in the world I will let that happen.

The time of waiting is over. I have had enough.

Crowbar keeps refering to me as of late. Now he must meet his maker face to face.

Because this Saturday night in Freehold, NJ………..I’m COMING!


Click here to watch a video from ISPW: The Return DVD to hear Crowbar talk about “HIM”:

Who exactly is this mystery man? It looks like our questions will be answered tomorrow night at Summer Rumble at the ISPW Arena in Freehold, NJ.

This Saturday evening, July 11th at the ISPW Arena (3-2 Count Athletic Training Facility) in Freehold, NJ, Independent Superstars of Professional Wrestling will crown a new ISPW World Heavyweight Champion. Following the shocking events which saw Danny Inferno win the ISPW Championship in a match he already announced would be his retirement match, ISPW owner Tommy Fierro let Inferno retire as champion. “My respect for Inferno knows no bounds,” said Fierro, “and to let him retire with the title was the least I could do for someone who has given so much to this company.” This chain of events has led up to the first ever 20 Participant Summer Rumble Match, which in turn will determine the new ISPW World Heavyweight Champion this Saturday night.

The Summer Rumble Match is simple enough. The same rules apply here as they do for WWE’s Royal Rumble. Every two-minutes a new entrant will enter the ring. A wrestler will be considered eliminated once they are thrown over the top rope and their feet hit the arena floor. The last man standing alone in the center of the ring will begin his reign as the new ISPW World Heavyweight Champion.

However, the rules have been greatly changed for the first two participants of this match. GM Nice announced he would randomly be picking the first two contestants for Summer Rumble. He has done so, and oddly enough, Nunzio’s name came out as entrant number one. This seems just a little too fishy to everyone here in ISPW as GM Nice has been trying to run Nunzio out of the company ever since the ISPW: The Return show back in April. We here at ISPW had a gut feeling that Nunzio would be one of the first two wrestlers picked once Nice made this announcement. Surely enough we were right and this comes as no surprise to both the ISPW wrestlers and fans.

What is a surprise though was that Judas Young was picked as entrant number two for Summer Rumble. Young has come inches away from winning the ISPW World Heavyweight Championship the past few events. Back in April, Josh Daniels came out and stole the title in an epic TLC match between Young and Inferno. Back on May 30th, Young had the match won several times only to be distracted by Sunny, who was in Daniels’ corner. Now Young is faced with the disadvantage of being one of the first two participants in Summer Rumble this Saturday.

If it’s not a big enough disadvantage to be one of the first two participants in such an important match like this, GM Nice has put a huge roadblock in front of both Nunzio and Young. Nice has announced that the first two entrants in the match will have to compete for fifteen minutes before entrant number three enters the match. Fifteen minutes! That’s a far stretch from the two minutes every other wrestler has to wait until another enters the ring. This is obviously a ploy by GM Nice to try and screw over Nunzio. However, Young is now thrown into Nice’s crossfires.

This announcement makes Summer Rumble even more interesting now, as both Nunzio and Young are two of the top fan favorites in ISPW. It’s a dream match for ISPW fans. The thought of these two great athletes competing for fifteen minutes to open up the Summer Rumble match gives us chills just thinking about it. While we here at ISPW certainly don’t agree with all of Nicholas Nice’s actions, we are very excited to be able to add Nunzio vs. Judas Young to the bill for this Saturday night’s card.

Young appears on this week’s edition of Who’s Slamming Who to talk all about this Saturday’s Summer Rumble. You can listen to it at:

Wrestlers such as Balls Mahoney, Crowbar, and Julio Dinero are counting the days until they can get their chance to be a part of ISPW history.

“I’ve been around the world and back, in some of the biggest promotions and arenas in the world,” Nunzio said last week, “and it’s great to once again be working in a company like ISPW in front of the great New Jersey fans.” While other wrestlers, such as Julio Dinero, weren’t so complimentary of the company’s fanbase, the desire to hold the number one championship in the company was fueling their fire. “Holding up the ISPW title in front of the unwashed masses at the ISPW Arena will be a career defining moment for me,” said Dinero, “it’s unfortunate I’ll have to share such a special moment in my life with a bunch of out of work wrestling fans living in their parent’s basement. But maybe my title reign will be the stimulus package they need to move on in life!”

ISPW GM “Mr. Personality” Nicholas Nice has announced that he’s signed who he feels is the hottest free agent in professional wrestling today for Summer Rumble on Saturday in Freehold, NJ. While he will not announce who he has, he appeared on the Who’s Slamming Who radio show last week and offered a few clues. He said when his mystery entrant is front of a crowd, he usually has a microphone in his hand. He said some people refer to this mystery entrant as “Mister.” He also said this man’s name is so nice, you have to say it twice. Nice says this guy is “Money in the Bank!” He said to just advertise him as a “Myssssterrrrryyyy Entrant….ENTRANT!”

ISPW owner Tommy Fierro has signed his own mystery entrant to counter ISPW General Manager “Mr. Personality” Nicholas Nice’s mystery entrant for this Saturday’s ISPW Twenty Participant Summer Rumble.

Fierro has signed someone who wrestled at this past year’s WrestleMania 25 to be a special mystery entrant this Saturday night. Fierro stated that this indiviual is no stranger to a match like this, as he’s competed in multiple WWE Royal Rumbles in the past. He said he’s one of the biggest names in the history of professional wrestling and is very excited to have him compete for the opportunity to win the ISPW World Heavyweight Champion this coming Saturday night.

“I think it’s important to give the fans a little something extra for their money” Fierro said. “Since ISPW: The Return back in April, we have produced unadvertised surprises for the fans at the ISPW Arena. First was Manu and then Sunny at Highway Robbery. This Saturday will be no different.”

One thing is for sure, Summer Rumble will be one of the biggest matches in the history of independent wrestling!

Another big match signed for this Saturday is a special Divas Match between Roxxi and Brooke Carter. A longtime comic book fan, Roxxi compares this match-up to Marvel comics’ Civil War release. “In a way, we’re two dynamic forces coming together for an exciting battle,” said Roxxi, “just like when Captain American and Iron Man fought in Civil War. You didn’t know who was going to win, but you couldn’t wait to see them go at it!”

Lots of buzz is surrounding the I Quit Match between Crowbar and “The Detonator” Rick Fuller, including the possible reveal of the mysterious “HE” that Crowbar was referring to at the end of ISPW’s last show. Fans were left wondering what the mental state of Crowbar was during his bizarre promo at ISPW: The Return, and questions could be answered on Saturday. Rick Fuller has his own opinions on the matter. “Crowbar is bat-guano insane,” explained Fuller, “it doesn’t matter who ‘HE’ is because there is no ‘HE.’ Crowbar’s lost it and I am going to eliminate this public nuisance once and for all this Saturday night.”

Another big match that is heating up has Julio Dinero (with Miss Michelle) taking on Rob Eckos with special referee Flash. All the fans who have been watching ISPW’s YouTube channel have seen the volatile situation backstage between Flash and Dinero after Julio’s tongue lashing of Miss Michelle. Will Flash call it right down the middle? After getting a victory stolen from him at a previous show, will Eckos get his revenge? And what is Miss Michelle’s play in all of this? These questions and many more will be answered on Saturday in Freehold.

Chase Del Monte was scheduled to face HC Loc, but due to a concussion, Loc will be unable to compete this Saturday evening in Freehold, NJ. ISPW General Manager Nicholas Nice has signed his good friend “The Midnight Idol” Nicky Benz to take Loc’s place. Previously, we have seen Benz host his talk show “Late Night with Nicky Benz” at past events. Now Benz will have to step in the ring and compete against one of the hottest superstars in all of ISPW.

Rounding out this exciting evening of ISPW action has a tag team encounter with The Logan Brothers colliding with Saint Stronko & Bokara.


Part 1-
Part 2-
Part 3-
Part 4-
Part 5-


You can order your tickets on now for this Saturday’s Summer Rumble through PayPal. You can also order by calling (732) 409-1132


Former WWE Magazine editor Brian Solomon joins “The Voice of ISPW” Frankie Morales this Saturday night in Freehold, NJ as the new color commentator of ISPW.


The new ISPW “Experience The Difference” shirts debut at Summer Rumble this Saturday night. Also available this Saturday night at the ISPW Arena are the ISPW: The Return DVD from April and the ISPW Highway Robbery DVD from May.

DIRECTIONS FROM NORTH JERSEY: Take Garden State Parkway to exit 123 (Rt. 9 S). Take Rt. 9 South to 18 South, which will be on the left hand side 8.2 miles up. Take 18 S. to exit 22A. Turn right onto Five Point Rd. Turn left on NJ-33. Turn right onto Fairfield Rd. 3-2 Count is located at 323A Fairfield Road.

DIRECTIONS FROM PHILADELPHIA: Take New Jersey Turnpike North to exit 8. Merge onto NJ-33 E. Take ramp toward Brickyard Rd/Fairfield Rd. Turn right onto Fairfield Rd. 3-2 Count is located at 323A Fairfield Road.

DIRECTIONS FROM ROUTE 33 WESTBOUND: Follow Route 33 West into Howell. Continue past the Cabin Restaurant (on your left). Bear right onto Business Route 33, At next light make left onto Fairfield Road. Follow approximately 1 mile, you will go over railroad tracks, past Bennett Rd (on right) and the Facility is on left

DIRECTIONS FROM BUSINESS ROUTE 33 EASTBOUND: Follow Business Route 33 East from Freehold into Howell. Once you past the Wawa on your left, make a right at next light (Fairfield Rd). Follow approximately 1 mile, over the railroad tracks, past Bennett Rd (on right), The Facility is on the left

DIRECTIONS FROM ROUTE 33 BYPASS EASTBOUND: Exit Route 33 bypass at the Fairfield Rd/Brickyard Rd Exit. At the bottom of the ramp make a right. Follow approximately 1 mile over the railroad tracks, past Bennett Rd (on right). The Facility is on the left

DIRECTIONS FROM ROUTE 9 NORTHBOUND: Turn right onto Route 524 -Adelphia Farmingdale Road. Go approximately 3 miles. Go to the 3rd Traffic Light. Turn left onto Fairfield Rd (across from Adelphia Grammar School). Go approximately 1 mile and the Facility is on your right

Be sure to come out to the ISPW Arena in Freehold, NJ this Saturday night for Summer Rumble and EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE!

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