Rob Van Dam Talks About The Death Of Andrew "Test" Martin

Rob Van Dam has posted a new blog on his MySpace page, which you can read here in its entirety. RVD wishes everybody a Happy 4/20 and talks about the recent passing of former co-worker Andrew “Test” Martin. Here’s what RVD said about Test:

“One thing that’s worth mentioning-I’ve been asked a few times if Test’s passing put a dark cloud over the whole trip,” Van Dam wrote. “We were bummed that we wouldn’t see him again, and all told Test stories to each other, but sadly, we are all used to this routine. After so many of us have died prematurely, it’s almost like we’re trained to handle this, and life goes on. We all took a look at the bus full of wrestlers, and have to admit to ourselves that there’s a decent chance that next time we all get together, we may be a smaller group still.

“Over the years I’ve gone from being devastated by news of Louie Spicolli’s death, to asking ‘Who died this time?’ when someone in the business asks, ‘Have you heard?’ At 33 years old, Test accidentally ended his life, while my peers continue to push the envelope. Being away from a binding contract that kept me on the road, I often feel like a survivor that made it home from the war. That’s not meant to be insensitive to war vets that have experienced far worse than I have.”

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