Rosa Mendes Reveals Her Plan to Return to WWE and Earn a Hall of Fame Induction

Former WWE star Rosa Mendes, who made her return to pro wrestling on the independent scene earlier this year, was the special guest on a recent episode of Women’s Wrestling Weekly. You can watch the entire episode in the video player above, and below are some interview highlights, with an h/t to for the transcription.

On her plan to return to WWE after honing her craft on the indie scene:


“I feel like this is my business plan; I want to conquer the independents. I want to dominate in the independents and be super over and have incredible 30-40 minute matches in the independents and show people that I am a great worker and a great performer. As soon as I can say that about myself then I am going to talk to them [WWE]. They may talk to me before then, but I really want to establish myself in the independents before I even step foot in a WWE door again.”

On why she is not yet worthy of a WWE Hall of Fame induction:

“This is the thing, right now, Rosa Mendes would never be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. I feel because of who I was and because of my character and being a Manager. I know some Managers have, but if you look back, my best time as a Manager was with Primo & Epico, and I did a lot in those matches. They got the tag team titles but I just feel like I don’t think it would happen, and I don’t think I would deserve it. I feel like once I go back I want to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. I want to make history and I want people to respect my work in the ring.”