Sarah Jessica Parker’s Mom Looks Oddly Similar to Audrey Hepburn

No doubt about it, Sarah Jessica Parker got her timeless sense of style straight from the source: her glamorous momma.

Monday marked the birthday of the Sex and the City alum’s mom, Barbra Forste, and SJP chose to celebrate the special day with an Instagram post dedicated to the woman who raised her—no small thing when you have a following of 3.5 million.

“Happy birthday Mommy, All my love and and best wishes for a perfectly perfect birthday year that includes much time with your 8 children and 12 grandchildren,” Parker began her sentimental message.

“I can’t say more because I’m sitting in a public space and will weep for appreciation, admiration, inspiration and profound gratitude. Xxx, Sarah Jessica,” the actress concluded. Note to self: SJP’s mom does NOT call her SJP. This Sarah Jessica business will take some getting used to.

Beside the heartfelt caption is, of course, a photo of Parker’s mom—a black-and-white throwback shot of a woman who, in profile at least, looks remarkably similar to Audrey Hepburn.

It’s uncanny, right?

We’re not saying the late Ms. Hepburn is SJP’s mom, but it would make a lot of sense if she were. After all, both ladies inspired a generation of women with their unique style and trail-blazing careers. And Parker has channeled the fashion icon in the past:

Jim Spellman/Getty

Crazier things have happened!

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HBD, Sarah Jessica’s mom!