Sasha Banks Reflects Back On Anniversary Of History Making Performance

One year after making history with her RAW Women’s Championship match against Alexa Bliss, marking the first ever women’s WWE match in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sasha Banks visited Zayed Sports City Tennis Stadium and reflected back on her history making performance.

“It’s quite humbling to come back,” Banks said. “Right now, it looks completely different because it was at night time and there was no tennis court. It doesn’t even feel or look like how it looked like when I was here. Which is kinda crazy. I didn’t even know which way that we came out. I do remember, before I came out I was legit shaking and crying because I was so nervous that I wanted just to make a difference.

“And I wanted to make a statement. It’s kinda humbling to know that I’m back here a year later, but for something completely different, supporting the Special Olympics. So it’s like, I did two meaningful things in this country. So, yeah, it’s really cool. And I can’t believe that I’m back. Life’s really crazy and the universe works in mysterious ways to bring you back to places where I think you’re supposed to be. I’m really happy to be back here.”

Check out the video of Sasha Banks in the stadium below.

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