Sasha Banks Shows Off New Look At Ringside Fest This Weekend (Photos)

During her appearance at the Ringside Fest 2019 event in New York City this weekend, WWE Superstar Sasha Banks showed off her new “Boss” look for the fans in attendance.

“The Boss” appeared at the Ringside Fest in New York City on Sunday, where the former three-time women’s champion showed off a new unique look that only Banks could pull off.

She wrote the following on Twitter about her appearance and making a “BOSS” like entrance (ALTERNATE VIDEO HERE):

She would then go on to thank Vince McMahon for booking her at the show.

“To all the fans I met today Ringside Fest 2019, make sure you guys thank Vince McMahon for booking that,” she wrote. “He did that for you!! Love you Vinny, thank you!”

Check out that tweet below, and for several exclusive photos of close-up high-quality photos of Sasha Banks’ new look, with a very unique new hair style, as well as complete video of her “BOSS” entrance at Ringside Fest 2019 in NYC this weekend, click here.