Sasha Banks: “WWE Superstars Don’t Know What’s Going On”

“The Boss” Sasha Banks recently appeared on Sam Roberts’ podcast to talk about the creative direction the WWE has with the Women of the company. Here are the highlights:
Not knowing WWE creative’s plans: 
“I think that’s what’s different about NXT too. We kind of always knew where we were going, so it helped me prepare and think of ahead of time, like, ‘how can I make this better?’. But when I go to RAW, it’s legit, like, ‘I have no clue what I’m doing.’ I don’t even know what to prepare for. I’m just, like, handed something or told something. And I was like, ‘okay, I have one hour to get ready. Oh, okay. Alright. Let’s just do it!’ So, honestly, I wish we had the opportunity to know what we’re doing in the next three months. If we’re going with a storyline, I would like to know, ‘yeah, we’re going with you and Alexa [Bliss] and this is where we want to take it and where we want to go’ instead of just being, ‘oh, maybe you’ll have a tag match. Maybe you’ll have a promo. Maybe you’ll have this random match that doesn’t make any sense or whatever. Who knows? Or maybe you’ll just sit in catering. Who knows?’”

Not being alone in that feeling: 
“I think that’s with all of our [WWE] Superstars. None of them know what’s going on. When you see Monday Night RAW, we’re all surprised. Sometimes we’re even confused [about] where we’re going. And sometimes, maybe they don’t even follow through with a storyline, which kind of sucks sometimes.”
The NXT women’s division: 
“I feel like the women’s division down there hasn’t really [taken] off the way that I would have liked it [to] have, like it should have been. And I would love to face Asuka. I mean, I don’t understand why she’s the longest reigning champion because I’m not down there. But they have so many incredible women down there and I just wish they were used more. That’s what I have to say about that.”

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