Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup XVIII Night 1 Results, Night 2 Card

Source: EWrestlingNews Contributor Philip Stamper
Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup XVIII Night 1 Results; Night 2 Card For Saturday
MCW Pro Wrestling brought Night 1 on the 18th Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup on Friday night, July 13, 2018 in Joppa, MD.

Bishop Khan and Malcolm Moses defeated Rush Hour (Tommy Seto, Deion Epps) in a pre-event match!
The night then kicked off in full with action from the Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup Qualifying Matches as Anthony Henry proved dominate over MCW Tag Team champion Joe Keys w/ Amy Rose in an extremely hard hitting match.
In the second qualifier, former MCW Pro Wrestling Rage TV champions collided, but it was Brandon Scott who got the pinfall on Ken Dixon.
In the next qualifier, MCW Tag Team champion Dante Caballero w/ Amy Rose was tactically decisive, defeating former CZW World Heavyweight champion Joe Gacy.

Brian Pillman, Jr. introduced himself to crowd, explaining he was unable to compete to due injuries sustained in the ring. But, he was cut off by Andy Vineberg and Ryan McBride, who proceeded to insult Pillman and his father, until Greg Excellent arrived.
In a non-qualifier for the MCW Rage TV Title, just as it appeared Greg Excellent would retain, Andy Vineberg distracted the referee long enough to spray Greg Excellent in the eyes with an aerosol spray. This allowed Ryan McBride then hit Excellent in the head with his knee brace behind the referee’s back, giving McBride the pin to win the title.
In the fourth qualifying match, Drew Alder controlled the majority of the match, keeping a slow place as he faced wrestling legend 2 Cold Scorpio. But Scorpio was able to outmanuever Adler and landed a moonsault to gain a pinfall victory.

The the next qualifier, Rayo attempted a supercanrana, but was blocked by John Skyler who connected with his Southern Salvation, a Finley Roll off the turnbuckle, allowing Skyler to get the pin to advance to Night 2.
In the last qualifier, Kekoa Mana and James Drake had an intense match-up, but it ended after a superplex from Drake…but both men’s shoulders were down. With a double fall, both men were eliminated from the Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup. General Manager Phil Stamper stated there was presendence and would rematch Kekoa and Drake to start off Saturday night for a last chance entry. However, Ken Dixon, Drew Adler, Joe Keys, Joe Gacy, and Rayo came to the ring also wanting a second chance. Hearing from the crowd, GM Stamper issued a last chance battle royal to start immediately for the last spot in the Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup.
For the final Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup spot, Joe Keys stood victorious after eliminating Joe Gacy!
Corporal Punishment came to the ring, saying he’s not wrestling tonight and might not ever again after Malcolm Moses ands Bishop Khan broke two of his ribs. But, as MCW owner, he did pick a new challenge for the MCW Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Title…in both members of The Cartel.
MCW Pro Wrestling Heavyweight champion Bruiser defeated The Cartel (Joe Keys and Dante Caballero) when Ref Becky stopped the match after Keys passed out in the Bruise-mission.
SATURDAY, July 14 is Night TWO of the Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup at the MCW Arena, 1000 Joppa Farm RD in Joppa, MD. Meet and Greet at 6 pm, bell time 7:30 pm.
Advancing to the finals of the Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup: Anthony Henry, Brandon Scott, Dante Caballero, 2 Cold Scorpio, John Sklyer, and Joe Keys.
MCW Pro Wrestling Heavyweight champion Bruiser vs. Christian York
MCW Rage TV champion “King” Ryan McBride and Andy Vineberg vs. Greg Excellent and Momma Excellent
MCW Tag Team champions The Cartel (Joe Keys, Dante Cabellero) vs. former champions Robbie and Bobby
Ivory Reed vs. Rosa Mendez in a #1 contendership for the MCW Pro Wrestling Women’s Title.
Rayo vs. James Drake vs. Joe Gacy
The debut of Tehuti Miles, latest graduate of the MCW Training Center vs. Dirty Money
Ken Dixon vs. Drolix