Stevie Ray Talks About His Brother, NWO

Stevie Ray, formerly of Harlem Heat and older brother to Booker T, appear on The Two Man Powertrip of Wrestling Podcast where he spoke about his current gig as a podcast host as well as his brother. Here are some highlights.
His immediate reaction to the infamous “N” word promo by Booker T: 

“I really don’t care about that question because that’s got nothing to do with me. That is more of my brother’s thing. That is more of a question he might have gotten tired of. When people ask me about and ask what was I thinking? I wasn’t really thinking about it because I am getting ready to do my lines. It doesn’t really bother me that much and it’s funny (man) but people ask me what was I thinking? I wasn’t even listening. I am waiting to do my lines so in essence I’m not sitting there and listening to him like a fan at home is listening to him, I am listening to him subconsciously because I am waiting to do my lines for when Mean Gene comes to me. I am not sitting there listening to him word for word and I didn’t even realize that he had did it for a minute because with the clip on YouTube it cuts off before Mean Gene gets to me but if you watch the show I had a little soliloquy of what I was saying but Iknow we had to say something about Hulk Hogan and it is right before we had to go out and work so that is probably why it got so messed up because I think my brother was thinking about two different things entirely. But that is more of my brother’s shtick, not mine.”
The video becoming famous online: 
“In all actuality, I had actually forgotten about that until it came out on YouTube several years later. People started telling me about it but it was just a night. I swear to God, I was just doing a story last night on my podcast and somebody sent in a question that made me remember a story that I didn’t remember until I read it. It triggered something in my head. That is just me. I’ve told people a thousand times that I have never taken pro wrestling home with me and it is just the job that I go to and when I am there I am all in and when I am not I am all out.”
Inducting Booker T into the WWE Hall of Fame: 

“We had a great time. It was just electric. Everyone kept asking me am I nervous? How do I feel? This was all before the show and it is such a big production and I said NO! I’ve been in front of so many big audiences that it doesn’t bother me. I was prepared and I am looking at guys in the back going over their speeches with their reading glasses on and people were asking me where were my notes? I said they are in my head. When I came out and everybody gave me the ovation and started rooting “STEVIE RAY” I almost forgot everything that I was prepared for. I wasn’t expecting that and it threw me off. I looked in the audience and I see all these guys that I used to work with staring at me and that moment I was not ready for so I just put my head down (not looking at them) and everything kind of came back to me and I started everything up. I’ll never forget that and it threw me off because I was so ready until I walked out there. It was a very cool night.”
Becoming the leader of the nWo Black and White: 
“I had a lot of fun. It was really cool and different than what I had been doing. It was cool to me and I really loved being in the nWo. People say to me that I was the leader at one time and I told this one day on my podcast, I felt like Fonzie with Richie and Ralph Malph and all the guys down at Al’s Diner (on Happy Days) with Potsie and Chachi that is what it was kind of like that being in the nWo. Me and Virgil, Scott Norton, Horace Hogan, Bryan Adams that was our gang. We hung together too so it was kind of cool and we had a good time.”

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