Toni Storm Talks About Her WWE Goals, Competing in The Mae Young Classic, How Learning Japanese Has Helped Her

PROGRESS Women’s Champion, Toni Storm, recently spoke with Fox Sports about her goals to get to WWE and her time in the Mae Young Classic, below are some highlights.

Toni Storm’s WWE goals:

“My goal from the very beginning has been WWE. It’s what I’ve wanted since I was 10. I know that I’ll get there because I’m putting my whole life into this. I have to go there because if I don’t … this is my only option. There’s no back-up. But I’m enjoying the journey. I get to do the coolest things ever. I get to go to Japan and main event Korakuen Hall. I get to go out there with my best friends who are like family to me. I get to travel to New Orleans, I get to come back here and see everyone that I started with, I get to go everywhere, and that’s the best. People don’t get that. I’m just so blessed.”

Working on the Mae Young Classic:

“That was nerve-racking. I was out doing all the tapings, all of the interviews and getting ready for it for about 10 days in Orlando. It was just 10 days of nerves, I was terrified. It was so nerve-racking because it’s WWE, it’s the top place, it’s where I’ve always wanted to be. I nearly had a heart attack.”

Learning Japanese and how it can help wrestlers:

“I was lucky enough that I had learned a bit of Japanese prior, I did a bit in school, and I’ve been picking it up quite well. The communication definitely makes everything — not just wrestling — require a little bit more effort. Trying to translate the most basic things sometimes can be an all-day thing. Sometimes when the referee’s trying to communicate to you, they try their best and you try your best. What I like to do is when I’m on the same tour as the other gaijins (foreigners), if I can be ringside I do, because if anything goes wrong and you’re having trouble communicating to the ref, it’s always good if there’s another foreigner to help translate. Japan’s very big on seconds being there with the water and the cool spray anyway so I always make sure I’m there ringside and ask if they can be for me, because you don’t want to have a broken neck and next thing you’re trying to tell the ref what happened, but you can’t.”

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