Triple H Confirms Plans for Upcoming WWE Women's Tournament

— As we have reported before, WWE has been seriously considering holding a women’s tournament much like the recent UK Championship tournament. Originally scheduled for early 2017, it seems WWE is now targeting a summer tournament.

— WWE COO Paul “Triple H” Levesque was on the Fox Sports Compadres Podcast and confirmed these plans but said that thus far, there has been difficulty planning the event due to the ever changing landscape of the WWE business.

— The idea will be to “scour the globe” much like WWE did for the Cruiserweights to find girls that are out there, not seen, and bring them up and see what they can while at the same time increasing the talent pool for WWE.

— He also spoke on inter-gender matches and said that he doesn’t feel as if WWE fans are ready to see a man beating up a woman so he’s not sure it will work for the company. He sees the shock entertainment value of it, but that’s it.