Triple H Talks About Bringing Will Ospreay To WWE

Triple H has recently unveiled the UK WWE Championship that will no doubt see many British names given a contract to appear on WWE TV, but it seems that Triple H may still have eyes fro another British talent. 
Will Ospreay missed out on the UK Championship because he is currently signed to both New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor, which means that he is unable to sign with WWE. 
When asked about Ospreay and whether or not Triple H is still open to signing him, he responded:

“Will Ospreay is an amazing talent. There’s a lot of amazing talent out there. When they’re available, when it’s the right time for them, I wanna work with all of them. It’s funny to me people say things along the lines of this guy is an amazing talent but maybe he’s not the right fit, or this guy doesn’t have the experience. If they’re great at this, then talent is talent. I wanna bring in the best talent, I wanna help them be better. I wanna take our process and help them be the best they can be.”
WWE have been in talks with Ospreay before, but it seems that it failed to happen for the British superstar, it will be interesting to see if he does make the switch to WWE when his current contract with NJPW is up. 




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