Trump Infrastructure Plan Decried as 'Scam' Designed to Keep US Stuck in 'Dirty and Destructive Past'

Green groups were among the first to declare fierce opposition to the Trump administration’s infrastructure plan released on Monday, citing concerns over the proposal’s lack of regard for the environmental implications of building projects.

The plan is “nothing more than a scam to roll back environmental and health protections,” said Ben Schreiber of Friends of the Earth.

An outline of the plan to streamline federal permitting processes for infrastructure projects was released last week, detailing plans for a “one agency, one decision” system. Under the plan, firm permit deadlines would be imposed as a way to hamstring environmental impact reviews and safety assessments. 

Climate campaigners say the plan will serve as a giveaway to corporations looking to bypass environmental reviews to quickly complete projects—including those that involve fossil-fuel carrying pipelines. The proposal, critics say, ignores mounting evidence that shifting the nation’s focus away from oil and gas and towards renewable energy would create jobs and strengthen the economy as well as protect the environment.


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