UFC Heavyweight Credits Jinder Mahal For Decision to Pursue MMA Instead of WWE

UFC fighter Arjan Bullar recently spoke with UK based publication The Sun, revealing that former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal was actually the influencer that pushed him away from a career in professional wrestling. The two are friends, and fans may recall that Jinder was supposed to escort Bullar to the octagon for his fight at UFC 215 this past September, but was caught up in Hurricane Irma and had to miss the bout.

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According to the article, Bullar had to make a decision between pro wrestling and MMA after competing in the 2012 Olympic games, representing Canada. He was in talks with WWE, who wanted him to move down to Orlando to go through the Performance Center, but after a conversation with Jinder Mahal about the grueling schedule that all WWE Superstars face on the main roster, he opted to pursue other options.

“I realized how crazy it is – they’re never at home. I’m a pretty family-orientated guy and I still have that competitive edge as well. For those two reasons I was able to go the UFC route.”

By all indications, the 31-year-old heavyweight made the right call. After making the decision to pursue MMA Bullar joined Battlefield Fight League out of British Columbia, as well as the Hard Knocks promotion in Calgary. He amassed six straight victories, three by TKO and three by unanimous decision, before making a successful debut with UFC back in September.

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The Sun