UFC 'Ultimate Fighter' June 10 TV results & recap: Hayder Hassan vs. Felipe Portela

By Steve Juon, Wrestling Observer

Previously on TUF: The Blackzilians are now up 200-50 after Vicente Luque submitted Nathan Coy in the third round.

The Blackzilians choose Felipe Portela for the eighth fight and final bout of the second round that’s worth 50 points. Glenn Robinson: “We wanted to finish with the guy with the biggest mustache.” Portela talks about how he left everything behind in Brazil, and how his wife has been supporting his dream, “but now it’s my time.”

American Top Team’s Michael Graves believes they can still win. Nathan Coy thinks it’s in poor taste that the Blackzilians keep goofing off after their wins. Tyrone Spong comes to the house to give his ‘Zilians a pep talk. Luque: “It’s great that I could bring another win, and we gotta keep that up.”

Kamaru Usman: “Coy is a seasoned veteran. Luque executed his strategy to a tee.” Carrington Banks: “They want to catch us with a match-up and we don’t care who we get.” Spong: “Keep snatching their souls one by one just like that.”

Dan Lambert and American Top Team are trying to figure out how to get back on track. Dana White: “He has to pick the most f*cking ferocious animal he has in the gym.” White says they’re in danger of being mathematically eliminated before the show even ends. Therefore they’re going back to the well and using Hayder Hassan to get a second W for the team.

Hassan: “I told them put me back in there for every single fight.” Lambert: “He walked the walk when he got his opportunity.” Hassan: “I’m too skilled to go out there and not represent my team. I don’t care if you think we’re broken. Put me in the cage and I’ll knock everyone out. I’ll knock the confidence out of your brains.” Commercial.

Weigh ins: 170.25 for Hassan. Portela is 170 even. Here’s the interesting thing – these two have ALREADY fought. Hassan beat him back at Titan FC 31 with a first round TKO. Matt Mitrione gives the Blackzilians motivation and says if you stomp this one out, they can’t possibly come back from it. UFC pads the show with a bunch of filler so the fight doesn’t start until 10:35 ET.

* Felipe Portela (Blackzilians) vs. Hayder Hassan (American Top Team)

Hassan is in the blue trunks and Portela the back. Portela gets a takedown in the first five seconds but Hassan gets right up. Portela clings to his back and Hassan complains about a low blow knee. The ref gives Portela a warning but also tells Hassan to let go of the cage. Hassan finally pushes free at 1:05. He’s throwing lots of lefts. Portela gets a single leg but can’t keep Hassan down. Hassan is bobbing and weaving and firing combos with confidence.

Portela is covering up a lot but some strikes are getting through. Hassan keeps backing him up. Portela tries to keep him at distance with kicks. Portela is begging Hassan to bring it with 55 seconds left. That’s a bad idea. Hassan unloads on him with 28 seconds left. Portela is backing up eating shots until the horn. 10-9 round for Hassan.

Portela’s corner is pouring water over his head and telling him not to back up any more. “Mix it up!” Hassan’s corner is telling him it’s time to land a big combo and get the knockout. Portela didn’t take their advice – he’s still backing up. Hassan connects with three straight lefts. Portela finally throws a good right hook and a few kicks. Hassan is undeterred. Portela’s hands and arms have to be sore from all the strikes he’s tried to block.

His left eye is getting swollen up. For every one shot Portela gets, Hassan gets three. Hassan lands a big combo at 3:27. ATT is chanting louder than the Blackzilians in their own gym. Hassan isn’t slowing down. 40 seconds left in R2 and he’s pouring it on. Portela gets a takedown with 10 seconds left but Hassan jumps up IMMEDIATELY. I suspect after the break Hassan gets a unanimous decision.

With six minutes of TV time left there’s not going to be a third round. The judges have scored it 20-18, 19-19, 20-18 for Hassan by majority decision. American Top Team narrows the lead by 50 points and regains control of the home gym.

It will be 200-100 next week and the final round of fights are worth 100 points each so it’s all new again. See you then!