Universal Champion Brock Lesnar Returns & Puts Seth Rollins in the Hospital

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw was supposed to feature Seth Rollins looking to avenge the attack of Shawn Michaels by going one-on-one with Dolph Ziggler. However, the Beast Slayer’s scheduled battle with the Showoff was cut short by a surprise return from Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, who promptly sent him to the hospital.

The Beast Incarnate hit the ring followed closely behind by his advocate Paul Heyman. He wasted little time in sending Rollins to the floor with a series of suplexes, before delivering a nasty-looking F5 into the ring post. Lesnar then rolled him back into the ring and delivered not one, not two, but three even more brutal F5s sending him ribs-first into a steel chair.

Even @HeymanHustle had to be unsettled by this…#RAW @BrockLesnar pic.twitter.com/4lf2RjXitC

— WWE (@WWE) July 30, 2019

Rollins was escorted backstage on a stretcher and put inside an ambulance, as his friend and former SHIELD partner Roman Reigns looked on, alongside The Usos. A wild brawl ensued as The O.C. and Samoa Joe proceeded to attack the bystanders, while Lesnar returned to hurl the Beast Slayer from the ambulance. The champ delivered one final F5, this time on the side of Rollins’ stretcher, before skulking off into the night.

NO. The ambush hasn't stopped and @BrockLesnar is continuing to destroy @WWERollins backstage on #RAW. @HeymanHustle pic.twitter.com/F5dsNlfT7x

— WWE (@WWE) July 30, 2019

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