Update on Steve Austin’s Network Podcast, Rumored Next Guest

Longtime WWE Network subscribers may have noticed that Steve Austin’s podcast on the network has been mysteriously absent for a long while now. The last episode to air was when Austin interviewed Dean Ambrose, an interview which did not do any favors for Dean Ambrose, who was also WWE Champion at the time. Now it looks like the fan-favorite interview show will be returning at last, so long as Austin can secure a big guest to appear on the next show.
Sportskeeda is reporting that Austin and WWE may be trying to work on a agreement for The Undertaker to appear on the show. Undertaker has been vaguely rumored to appear on the podcast for a while, and the “Texas Rattlesnake” has gone on record saying that Undertaker would have no issues with appearing on his show. With Undertaker seemingly retiring at Wrestlemania a few weeks ago, there hasn’t been a better time for the “Dean Man” to appear, tell some interesting stories, and clear up any misconceptions on the hard-hitting talk show.
Austin’s podcast on the network has gone through some strange events since it began. First, Austin reportedly received heat with Vince McMahon after not attending WrestleMania 31. His podcasts were replaced with Chris Jericho instead hosting two different shows, though that could have been out of fear from management who were afraid of what Austin may have asked Jericho’s guests, John Cena and Stephanie McMahon, if he had hosted the shows. He also has been missing since his interview with Dean Ambrose, which many perceived as “awkward,” and Vince reportedly hated the interview. With his two decades of wrestling experience, however, an interview with the Undertaker could provide for some fascinating network content.

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