Updated NJPW G1 Climax 30 standings and scenarios

Eight wrestlers remain mathematically alive as NJPW’s G1 Climax 30 enters its final stretch.

Four competitors still have a shot in each block with one A Block show and one B Block show remaining before Sunday’s final. In A Block, Jay White controls his own destiny. In B Block, it’s EVIL who controls his own fate. 

After that, things get more cloudy.

White, Kota Ibushi, Kazuchika Okada, and Will Ospreay still have a chance to win A Block.

The most likely A Block scenarios would be White winning with a victory over Ishii or Ibushi winning with a win over Taichi and a White loss. Ospreay needs to win and get help. Okada needs to win or draw and Ibushi and White both to lose. 

In B Block, EVIL, Tetsuya Naito, SANADA, and Zack Sabre Jr. are still in the running. 

A scenario exists in B Block where there could be a three-way tie for the lead heading into Sunday, although it seems far more likely that Saturday’s EVIL vs. SANADA matchup will determine the B Block winner. 

Here are the updated standings and scenarios: 

G1 Climax 30 standings —

A Block

Jay White — 12 points (6-2) *wins the block with a win over Ishii*
Kota Ibushi — 12 points (6-2) *wins the block with a win over Taichi and a White loss/draw/no contest*
Kazuchika Okada — 12 points (6-2) *wins the block with a win over Ospreay, White and Ibushi losses/draws/no contests or a draw with Ospreay and Ibushi/White losses/no contests*
Will Ospreay — 10 points (5-3) *ties for the block win with a win over Okada, White and Ibushi losses/no contests*
Taichi — 8 points (4-4) *eliminated*
Jeff Cobb — 8 points (4-4) *eliminated* 
Tomohiro Ishii — 6 points (3-4) *eliminated*
Shingo Takagi — 6 points (3-5) *eliminated*
Minoru Suzuki — 6 points (3-5) *eliminated*
Yujiro Takahashi — 0 points (0-8) *eliminated*

B Block

EVIL — 12 points (6-2) *wins the block with a win over SANADA or a draw/no contest with SANADA, Naito loss and Sabre loss/draw*
Tetsuya Naito — 12 points (6-2) *wins the block with a win/draw over KENTA and an EVIL loss/no contest*
SANADA — 10 points (5-3) *wins the block with a win over EVIL and a Naito loss/no contest*
Zack Sabre Jr. — 10 points (5-3) *ties with Naito & EVIL for block win with a win over Tanahashi, a Naito loss, and a SANADA/EVIL no contest*
Hirooki Goto — 8 points (4-4) *eliminated*
KENTA — 8 points (4-4) *eliminated*
Toru Yano — 6 points (3-5) *eliminated*
Hiroshi Tanahashi — 6 points (3-5) *eliminated*
Juice Robinson — 6 points (3-5) *eliminated*
YOSHI-HASHI — 2 points (1-7) *eliminated*