VIDEO: Being The Elite – The rich and comfortable Young Bucks

Video —

This week on Being The Elite —

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The cold open —

Matt Jackson, dressed in a suit and Nike Dior sneakers, was complaining about what a tough day it was on the stock market. He took a call from his wife who was picking up ingredients for an expensive dinner. Matt had a flashback to Don Callis’s promo on Dynamite where he told Matt and Nick that they aren’t elite any more and that Kenny Omega doesn’t even recognize them. 

Matt began to wonder whether he and Nick have gotten too rich and comfortable. 

The Elite —

Matt Hardy told Matt Jackson that The bucks are too gullible and Callis is exploiting them. He said that he knows this because he manipulated Hangman against them. 
Matt Jackson saw Hangman dancing with Dark Order while sad music played. 

Dark Order —

The group tried to officially recruit Maki Itoh, but she flipped them off and said she was going back to Japan. 
The group got John Silver ready for his TNT title match this week by beating him with skateboards and dragging him around backstage. 

Miscellaneous bits —

After their loss to Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson were going over the reasons for their defeat. Anderson said that Gallows is tired from masturbating too much and it’s the reason they lost. He banned Gallows from masturbating for a week and said that if he finds out that Gallows has, they will break up. 
After stealing Matt Sydal’s ring jacket, Vicious Vixens sold it back to him. They then stole his fanny pack. 
Backstage footage of Brandon Cutler’s entrance was shown.