Video: DDP Says "Hulk Hogan Has Spent His Time," Hopes WWE Brings Him Back

TMZ Sports recently caught up with WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page and asked him for his thoughts regarding whether or not WWE should bring back Hulk Hogan.

DDP credited “The Hulkster” for helping him with his rise to the top in the now defunct WCW promotion during the late 1990s and early 2000s and said he hopes WWE eventually brings him back into the fold.

“To me, at some point Hulk [Hogan] has to come back,” said DDP. “I’m hoping that gets seen on the WWE side, because [I’m] a big Hulk Hogan fan.”

DDP continued, “He was really one of the guys who was instrumental in helping me get up to that spot as the top guy. Because he believed in me, and when I won the World Title that night of the match he was in there: me, Flair, Sting and Hogan.”

“Hulk, he’s spent his time,” Page added. “I don’t think anybody believes that Hulk – in anyway – has any racist bone in his body. Bottom line is he’s a good man and I hope to God he gets to come back.”