Vince McMahon: The Success Story

If you mention the name Vince McMahon to sports fans they will probably start telling you about the WWE or the WWF as it was once known. The now 72-year-old has been in charge of the WWE since the 1980s when he took over control from his father. He’s now the majority owner, the chairman, and the CEO; as well as being recognized as the man responsible for making the WWE what it is today. There are so many more strings to McMahon’s bow though and he really the perfect example of a modern-day success story.
From humble beginnings and only meeting his father when he was 12 years old, McMahon had graduated with a  business degree from East Carolina University; and this set him on his road to success really. He became a promoter and at the same time a prominent figure in his father’s company, World Wide Wrestling Federation. McMahon was also responsible for the 1976 bout between Muhammad Ali and Antonio Inoki.
Since the 70s, McMahon and wrestling started to really boom after he founded Titan Sports. He had a vision for the WWF and quickly got to work in expanding the company as he knew just how big the industry could become. He set about cherry-picking the best talent such as Hulk Hogan from other wrestling organizations as he looked to strengthen the WWF’s position as the best in the industry. 

1985 brought about the first-ever WrestleMania event which still to this day remains the biggest and most popular professional wrestling event on the planet, drawing in millions of viewers year after year. Following this came concepts such as the Attitude Era where the storylines involved in the WWF scene became extremely entertaining, and this fast became the main draw; all mainly down to McMahon. This popularity has been reflected in the fact that many established sports betting brands now include several betting markets on all wrestling events. So any fans interested in having a flutter on their favorite wrestler can find the perfect betting service at the home of online betting:
McMahon has constantly strengthened his brand, now known as WWE, as the number 1 brand in sports entertainment due to the wrestlers competing, the gripping storylines and the huge events that get put on too. It’s not just wrestling where McMahon has had a huge impact either though as he’s fast become known as one of the key players in business in America.
McMahon has done voice-overs in various film crossovers such as Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery, he’s been interviewed by numerous publications over the years and has done immense work for charity too. This has led to him receiving an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Sacred Heart University and also a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame too.
Vince McMahon was also the founder of the XFL, which debuted in 2001 but only lasted a season. He’s just announced that the XFL is to return in 2020 without any gimmicks as he looks to bring American football back for the fans and is looking to consider the opinions of players, coaches, medics and anyone who knows about the sport, as well as the fans, in order to deliver the ultimate in American Football. It could be another huge success for McMahon who has a great track record of delivering and he’s set to pump in an initial $100 million to get the ball rolling.   


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