WATCH: Naomi Klein and Shoshana Zuboff Discuss Mounting Dangers of 'Surveillance Capitalism'

A live-streamed discussion about “the unprecedented form of power called ‘surveillance capitalism’ and the quest by corporations to predict and control our behavior” featuring Naomi Klein, a senior correspondent for The Intercept, and Harvard Business School professor emerita Shoshana Zuboff is planned for Friday evening.

The conversation is set to begin at 7pm ET. Hosted by The Intercept on Facebook Live and YouTube, the discussion follows the January release of Zuboff’s latest book, entitled The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power.


As Zuboff explained on Democracy Now! Friday morning, ahead of The Intercept‘s event,

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This approach, now termed surveillance capitalism, was initially developed at Google about two decades ago for online targeted advertising, Zuboff noted, but has since spread to Facebook and throughout the world of major tech firms. Because of this fundamental shift, she said, “we are going to need the social response that addresses, interrupts, and outlaws this new economic logic, not just a single company or not just a couple of companies.”