WATCH: R-Truth Experiencing Paranoia Thanks to the WWE 24/7 Title

R-Truth is one extremely paranoid individual. While that statement correctly describes his character, it’s especially true now thanks to WWE’s new 24/7 Championship.

The title was introduced by WWE legend Mick Foley on the May 20 edition of Monday Night Raw. The new championship is exactly what its name suggests and was immediately up for grabs on the program. Titus O’Neil was the first titleholder, then it went to Robert Roode and finally to R-Truth.

Truth, who is typically the most paranoid Superstar on the roster, is now being forced to stay on guard for any challengers who may show up at his door. The 24/7 champ Tweeted from his doctor’s office, where he was seeking help for his stress.

All of this is classic R-Truth of course, as the veteran star is once again embracing the new role he’s been given. Truth is always on his game; he’s funny, he’s quick and most importantly, he’s believable. A good portion of fans likely believe that he is as clueless as he pretends to be and that’s a testament to just how good he is.

With any luck, R-Truth will be able to finally get some rest after not sleeping for “24/7 hours because of the 24-hour Mick Foley rule thingamajig”

The new championship obviously has its share of critics. But if the belt remains with R-Truth, then at least the title situation will be entertaining and fun to watch.

👀I’m still up!!! #247Championship #SDLive #DanceBreak #RunTruthRun

— WWE R-Truth (@RonKillings) May 22, 2019

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