We Want a Piece of Nicole Kidman’s 50th-Birthday Cake

Off the top of your head, could you guess Nicole Kidman’s social media platform of choice? She’s not posting selfies on Instagram. She’s not sharing her political POV on Twitter. Instead, the Oscar winner is keeping it old school: Facebook.

So to relish in the joy of her 50th birthday, Kidman did what any self-respecting Facebook user would do: she shared photos of the celebration. “So happy to be with my family. Nothing makes me happier,” she wrote, adding, “Thank you for all the birthday love and birthday wishes. Wow, what a cake!!”

And what a cake it was. In the below shot, the actress gestures towards the sweet treat as if she’s about to take a bite. The heart-shaped two-tiered baby was covered in raspberries and thick white cream icing. Yum!

Nicole Kidman Official/Facebook

In addition to the birthday must-have, husband Keith Urban and their children seemed to have whipped up a display anyone would be glad to receive. “This is what I woke up to. Nothing makes me happier than being with my family. Thank you for all the love and birthday wishes. Love you all,” she wrote alongside a shot of a bouquet of multi-colored roses with matching balloons.

Nicole Kidman Official/Facebook

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A happy birthday, indeed.