What Happened on WWE Talking Smack Hell in a Cell Post Show

WWE Talking Smack Hell in a Cell Post Show featured the recap of all the big matches from The Hell in a Cell PPV and the interviews from New WWE United States Champion Baron Corbin, Former WWE United States Champion AJ Styles and New WWE SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions The Usos. WWE Talking Smack was hosted by Renee Young and Peter Rosenberg.
– Renee Young and Peter Rosenberg welcomed us to the show and shared the same shock and awe as everyone else did after the main event. They talked about the actions of Sami Zayn, who pulled Kevin Owens away from the cell dive of Shane McMahon. They also talked about the family issues at hand and pointed out what Vince and Stephanie must be thinking after what transpired in the main event.
– As Renee Young ran down the guest list, The New WWE United States Champion Baron Corbin barges in with his new belt in tow. He said that no matter how it happened, he still won and it wouldn’t have mattered if he pinned Styles or Dillinger, the result would have been the same with or without the triple threat stipulation. Corbin said that it feels good to be able to wear the title around his waist. Corbin then blames John Cena for all the chants he has been getting lately and some of his recent treatment and says that he will get his chance at him again one day. When asked where he goes from here, Corbin said that he is sure Styles will probably want his rematch and Dillinger will somehow think he deserves another shot. Corbin then talked about the keyboard warriors who give him a hard time on social media and this is his “I told you so” to them and the locker room. Corbin said that he doesn’t respect anyone backstage and for everyone to get in line to take his title.

– Renee Young then said that we should be on the lookout for injury updates on Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens. Young and Rosenberg then gave Corbin slight kudos for the win, even though he took advantage of an open opportunity.
– The Usos joined the show next. They asked the whereabouts of Daniel Bryan. Rosenberg might have put Renee in trouble with The Usos by saying that he picked them to win and Young picked The New Day. Rosenberg pointed out that the cell resembles a “penitentiary.” They recapped the highlights of the match then they told stories of home with the famed Rikishi. The Usos then gave The New Day props for the match. The Usos then emulated The Hall of Famer Booker T by saying the “five time” chant. Rosenberg then pointed out how proud The Usos should be of their latest run. The Usos then said that they haven’t changed, but the people have been sleeping on them. The Usos pointed out that they have been in WWE a long time. They do an impression to point out what the people may have thought about them. They head out in celebration.
– A beaten and saddened AJ Styles joins the show. Styles said that Corbin’s tactics wouldn’t have worked if Dillinger wasn’t in the match. Styles said that he had Dillinger in position, then Corbin stole the win. He then said that he thinks Dillinger deserved the match, but hated that it happened tonight. Styles said that he wanted to teach Corbin a lesson, one-on-one. Styles said that he put over the entire show and roster and he called this one of the better PPV’s in WWE. Styles said that he wants to invoke his rematch clause as soon as possible. Young and Rosenberg turn the conversation to what transpired between Owens, Zayn and McMahon. Styles said that he would have been fine with Owens squashing Shane on the table, but wondered why Zayn did what he did. Styles said that there is always a motive to one’s actions, but he is confused by Sami’s actions. He then backpedals a bit and says that he would support Shane to take on Sami and Owens if he needs a bit of help. Styles finishes up by saying that he may look for his rematch this Tuesday on SmackDown Live and then go after the WWE Championship to have a title for each shoulder.
– Styles then heads out and Young and Rosenberg tells us goodnight to end the show.

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