Will Ospreay Claims Everyone Who Is A Star In WWE & AEW Came From NJPW

The debate regarding who is the best in the world has continued as Will Ospreay has continued to make statements regarding New Japan talent.

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In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Ospreay claimed that everyone who is a star in both WWE and AEW has come from New Japan Pro Wrestling first.

“Every person that is a star in WWE or All Elite Wrestling came from this company,” Ospreay continued. “This is where they got good, this is where they applied their trade to make themselves the stars that they are. No one’s leaving anytime soon, we’re all sticking together. Now is the time for us to take center stage and show the world that we are the best professional wrestling company in the world. And right now, I feel like I’m untouchable in the ring. I feel like I can get in there with anyone and bring out their best game. I’m more than ready.”

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Sports Illustrated