WWE '205 Live' Resuts (5/9/17) – Akira Tozawa vs The Brian Kendrick

Report by: Andrew Hatcher (andrewhatcher45@gmail.com), rajah.com reporter

Whats up everybody? Welcome back to Drews Reviews! This weeks show is really solid across the board! The storyline stuff was pretty much the usual, but the in ring action itself was really great. With that said, here’s your cruiserweight action for the week!

The Raw Rebound

There was a Facebook live video from earlier in the day shown. Neville gave TJP a bit of a pep talk, and he told Perkins that if he wants a title shot, he will have to beat Jack Gallagher tonight.

Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs TJP

Before the match, a replay was shown of last week’s post-match attack by TJP following a loss against Austin Aries. I’ll bet the house on him getting involved in this match. The bell rang, and TJP sat on the top turnbuckle. Gallagher looked around confused, and Perkins mocked Gallagher. Gallagher mocked Perkins with a dab, and Perkins made his way off of the ropes. TJP mocked the gentleman once again, and Gallagher hit him with a huge headbutt for the 1-2-NO! Gallagher went to work on Perkins on the outside. This continued until TJP caught Gallagher up with a drop toe hold into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Perkins locked in a long butterfly lock. After a bit, Gallagher caught TJP slipping with an inside cradle for a near fall. Gallagher began to fight back into the match, and did his signature headstand a few times. Gallagher then came down, and rolled up TJP for a quick 2. TJP immediately rolled Gallagher up, and pinned the shoulders down for the 1-2-3. After the match, Perkins attacked Gallagher. Perkins locked in the knee bar, and Austin Aries came in to break things up. Aries hit a neck breaker in the ropes, and followed up with an attempted Discuss Five Arm. Perkins ran up the ramp, and he along with Neville stared angrily at Aries to end the segment.

Analysis: Wow. While TJP is really growing on me as a heel. Not only did he win by cheating, but he beat down Gallagher after doing so. The match itself was good while it lasted, which is a compliment to these guys making the most of the time given. More people should do that. Anyways, the post match beatdown was obvious from the second TJP jumped Gallagher after the match, but it was necessary. Im thinking a triple threat match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship is on the horizon for Neville, Perkins, and Aries. We’ll see.

And now… 205 taped. (Because this episode isn’t live)

205 Live kicks off with a replay from last week’s stuff between Neville and TJP. There was also some footage of the match on this week’s Raw from the match between TJP and Gallagher, as well as the post-match attack by Austin Aries. Things ended there, and the opening video package played. The announce team of Tom Phillips and Corey Graves welcomed us to London, England, and they talked about tonight’s show. Gentleman Jack Gallagher made his way out to the ring in street clothes, along with his umbrella, and he has a very Brittish ring set up for him.

An Extraordinary Toast

Gallagher said last night on Raw he was jumped. He said “Theodore Jeeves Perkins” attacked him, and if not for Aries, he may have been injured by TJP. Aries made his way to the ring, eating a banana, as the crowd chanted Austin Aries. Aries said “ello London”, and Gallagher said he wanted to express his gratitude. Gallagher told Aries he wants to thank him with a toast, and Aries said TJP had it coming. Gallagher said Aries has been fighting by himself against Neville and TJP for to long, and that he will make sure “ A Double” makes it to his next chance at the title. Gallagher then had a guy bring in a few brewski’s, and Aries said he is more of a wine guy. Gallagher proposed a toast to Aries, and the crowd sang “for he’s a jolly good fellow”. Neville made his way out to the stage, and said this is pathetic. Neville said Gallagher is just a symptom of a much larger problem. “England you have become a parody of yourself and its discussting”, said the “King”. Aries stopped him, and said he shouldn’t be questioning people’s dignity, since he cheated at Payback. Aries said he likes England, and Neville told Aries no one asked him. Neville mentioned Aries has had two chances to become champion, but Neville still has his crown. Neville raised his belt, and toasted to Aries last appearance on 205 Live. TJP then jumped in the ring from behind, and went to work on Aries. Gallagher tried to stop the attack, but Neville joined in, and started working on Gallagher. All of the guys brawled to the outside, and Neville threw Gallagher hard into the barricade. Neville tried to throw Aries into the barricade, but he reversed, tossing Neville into it instead. Aries then tossed TJP into the barricade. Aries went back to Neville, and threw him across the announce desk, and then threw himself over the desk to pounce on Neville. Gallagher got back into the ring, and met TJP with a huge headbutt. Neville then started to attack Gallagher, but Aries was right there to stop him. Aries hit the Discuss Firearm on Neville, and said he is thirsty. Gallagher grabbed the beers, and the two chugged the brews to end the segment.

Analysis: I know every Raw and Smackdown starts off with a segment to set up a match for later, but this was different because the advertised main event is Tozawa vs Kendrick. Will the triple threat match I spoke of on the Raw Rebound be a fatal 4 way with Gallagher involved? Possibly. We may just see Neville vs Austin Aries III with a guy in each corner for backup, since Gallagher said he would help Aries. That’d be lame. Anyways, this was by far the most England segment of the week of WWE television, and I personally enjoyed it. I thought it was hilarious to hear “for he’s a jolly good fellow” in sort of a real life situation. That’s a first. The ending was a little confusing, because I didn’t feel that it made complete sense. Why would TJP get thrown into the barricade, and then climb into the ring? I know it helped set up the other pieces to the ending, but that was weird. That’s just a minor gripe though.

Following that, Rich Swann is shown walking backstage. Swann is casually strolling through the back when he suddenly runs into Alicia FOOOXXXXXXX and Noam Dar. Swann said after everything, Dar is still with fox. Swann to Dar, “you’re thinking with the wrong part of your body”. Dar told Swann he should be ashamed for trying to break them up. Fox says she never really left Noam. She said she left Cedric Alexander, but she would never leave Dar. Dar said they haven’t forgotten what Swann did to them, and Swann “is going to get what he deserves”.

Analysis: It seems this segment took place to remind us about Cedric Alexander. Especially with the way Foxy kind of unnaturally jammed the line about him in there. Cedric should be back really soon, and I couldn’t be more excited for his return. As for the line at the end by Dar about Swann “getting what he deserves”, we’ll find out what he meant by that together.

After a commercial break, “The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese made his way to the ring, and he is in the nights first match.

Tony Nese vs Mustafa Ali

This is a rematch from two weeks ago on 205 Live. The bell rings, and the two tie up in the center of the ring. Nese stopped to flex, and asked Ali if he is jealous. They tied up again, and Nese drove Ali into the ropes. Nese flexed again, and Ali slapped him. Ali tried to gain the advantage, but Nese took him down with a headlock. The two then got up, and Ali showed off an impressive aerial display to avoid Nese. Ali then tied Nese in a knot with a submission hold, and went into a pinning situation. Nese fought his way back into things, and drove his knee into the gut of Ali. Nese then irish whipped Ali across the ring. Ali reversed the whip, and hit a big drop kick. Nese went to the outside of the ring, and Ali jumped over the top ropes, and hit a running front flip onto Nese on the outside. The ref started the count, and Ali put Nese in the ring. Nese exited on the opposite side, and Ali went on the chase. Nese suckered Ali in, and drove him sternum first into the barricade. Nese set Ali up in a fireman carry, and dropped him face first on the announce desk. He sent Ali into the ring, and applied a pin for a 2 count. Nese took a second to gloat, and set up for a hesitation suplex. Ali reversed the suplex with a roll up attempt, but Nese kicked out. Ali went for a move, but Nese hit him with a big counter. Nese set up for the hesitation suplex again, and dropped Ali on the ropes. Nese applied another pin, but Ali kicked out yet again. Nese set up in a torture rack, ND Ali Broke free with some forearm shots. Ali tried to run ther ropes, but got taken down at the legs. Nese then set up for a top rope move, and nailed it. Nese took control of things from there, and went to work on Ali. Ali reversed, and set up for a frankensteiner off of the top ropes. Nese caught Ali mid attempt, but Ali fought him off, and hit the previously attempted frankenstiener. Ali started to pick up the pace a bit, and caught Nese with a roll through neckbreaker. Nese went to the outside for some rest, but Ali chaded him, and took him down with a head scissors off of the apron. Back in the ring, Ali goes for a pin attempt, and Nese kicks out for a nearfall. The two superstars start exchanging blows, and a few chops. Ali then caught Nese with a quick roll up. Nese immediately hit a drop kick, followed by a double stomp to the chest of Ali. Both guys were down at this point. They got up, and again started exchanging blows. Nese set up for a pumphandle slam, but Ali reversed. Ali hit a powerful ddt, and Nese landed flat on his back in the corner of the ring. Ali set up for the reverse 450 splash, and nailed it, before he pinned Nese for the 1-2-3.

Analysis: A real solid match from two of the most impressive guys on the roster. I really liked the ring psychology by Nese. He really worked on the chest of Ali with some impressive moves in, and out of the ring. In the end, the right guy won, as he is the only one currently in a feud (Drew Gulak was shown backstage a few times). Hopefully the feud will pay off, but at this rate, I have my doubts.

After the match, Ariya Daivari is shown complaining to a guy who has apparently not shined Daivaris boots very well. Tozawa walked by, and Daivari told Tozawa to watch out because the shirt he is wearing cost $1,500. He said the silk is from dubai, and Tozawa started to do some of his signature chants. Daivari walked off, and Tozawa is up next in the nights main event.

Analysis: The new and improved Ariya Daivari everyone. Im hopeful this will work out for him. As for the part with Tozawa, I think it was more of a way to show that Tozawa isn’t messing around tonight.

Akira Tozawa vs The Brian Kendrick

This is the blow off match in this fued, so it should be awesome. The bell rang, and Kendrick hit Tozawa in the ear immediately. They started exchanging chops in the middle of the ring, until Tozawa faked out Kendrick. Tozawa caught Kendrick in the jaw, and went to work on Kendrick, before applying a pin. Kendrick kicked out, and slid to the outside. Tozawa went for the missle dive, but Kendrick moved before Tozawa could make the leap. Tozawa went to the outside, and remained in control of Kendrick. Tozawa would stay in control, until a brief moment of hesitation allowed Kendrick time to slam Tozawa face first into the announce desk. Kendrick followed up by hitting sliced bread number 2 off of the ring steps, onto the floor. Tozawa made it back into the ring at 9, and Kendrick went to work on the injured Tozawa. Kendrick got a near fall, but Tozawa kicked out on instincts. Kendrick applied a submission hold, and Tozawa put his foot on the bottom rope. Kendrick started to stomp Tozawas chest, and hit a big elbow to the face. Kendrick applied another submission after more vicious stomps, and grabbed at the ear he hit earlier. Kendrick switched up the hold a bit, and Tozawa tried to fight out. Kendrick locked the hold on tighter, and yelled at Tozawa. Kendrick released the hold, and started to slap Tozawa. Tozawa started to work his way back into things, and took down Kendrick with a headscissors. Kendrick went to the apron, and Tozawa knocked him off of it onto the floor. That stunned Kendrick, allowing Tozawa to hit the missile dive through the ropes. Tozawa tossed Kendrick back into the ring, and went to the top rope. Tozawa missed the attempted move, before nailing a big kick followed up with a shining wizard for a near fall. Tozawa started to fire up, and went for the snap german suplex, but Kendrick reversed. Kendrick hit a heel kick from out of nowhere, followed up by a dragon suplex into a bridge. Kendrick went into the captains hook off of the pin attempt, and Tozawa reversed. Tozawa went for a huge kick, followed by a suplex variation. Tozawa went to the top rope, and attempted a massive senton, but missed again. Kendrick locked in the Captains hook again, and Tozawa again fought out. Tozawa went for another kick to the jaw, but Kendrick ducked, and caught Tozawa in a roll up pin. Kendrick went for another sliced bread attempt, and Tozawa reversed yet again, this time with a roll up for the 1-2-3.

Analysis: Wow, what a great match from bell to bell. I like the story the match told because every time Kendrick tried the Captains Hook he couldn’t keep Tozawa down. I also like how Tozawa reversed the Sliced Bread attempts. He didn’t reverse the first one though. As for the ending, I really don’t like having a feud that’s been building to this point for months end like that.

After the bell rang, Kendrick went to work on Tozawa. Kendrick started kicking Tozawa, before kicking him to the ringside area. Kendrick followed that up by throwing Tozawa into the steps three times. Kendrick then put Tozawa in the middle of the steps. Tozawa looked like a steel ice cream sandwich, and Kendrick stood on top of the steps. Kendrick got on the mic, and said the last lesson he’s going to give Tozawa is “No one messes with The Brian Kendrick”. The show ended with Kendrick walking away, and Tozawa down in pain.

Analysis: So its really done? Really?! Where is The Miz to ask “Really?” 10 times. Anyways, I can’t believe this would end that way. This is like a good movie with a bad ending. Or, maybe it’s like one of those things where Michael Meyers isn’t actually dead at the end, and the feud will just continue in a few weeks. Maybe they’ll go on to teach each other lessons for the rest of their lives (or at least the rest of 205 Live). Who knows?!

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