WWE Acknowledges Brock Lesnar Surpassing CM Punk’s Title Reign, Roman Reigns Hits a Spear After Raw (Photo)

As noted, on Monday of this week WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar officially surpassed CM Punk’s 434-day WWE Title reign, and The Beast has become the longest reigning WWE World Champion of the modern era.

WWE.com has since covered the story and published the following:

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Brock Lesnar’s long list of WWE accomplishments has now grown by one: The Beast Incarnate has officially notched the longest World Championship reign of the modern era.

Lesnar’s ongoing run as Universal Champion surpassed the previous marker, CM Punk’s 434-day stint as WWE Champion that stretched between 2011 and 2013. Lesnar’s advocate (and, coincidentally, Punk’s former hype man) Paul Heyman commemorated the occasion by taking to Twitter.

That Lesnar has powered his way into the history books is impressive in and of itself, but given that no challengers have yet to emerge for The Conqueror’s throne, the most awe-inspiring aspect of his reign isn’t that it has lasted this long, but that it seems unlikely to end anytime soon.

Roman Reigns Hits a Spear After WWE Raw

After WWE Raw went off the air in Little Rock this week, Roman Reigns came out and hit Kevin Owens with a spear as Owens was recovering from his loss to Braun Strowman in the main event:

#Raw Roman Reigns comes out and spears Kevin Owens pic.twitter.com/cCnPSWBya0

— Dhaval Goswami (@DhavalG04526508) June 12, 2018