WWE bids farewell to Dudleys as contract not renewed

Last night’s Raw was the final appearance of Bubba (Mark LoMonaco) & D-Von (Devon Hughes) Dudley with WWE.

The team had signed a one-year contract, but had verbally agreed to a new contract several weeks ago. They had been working on an angle to split the two up for weeks on television but decisions were changed and the decision was made to not renew the contract and to drop the angle.

So instead they were given a farewell last night in Brooklyn where they got to turn babyface, set up signature spots with the Shining Stars, and then be used to get heel heat for Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows, the Raw brand’s top heel tag team.

The WWE was very gracious with them on television on the way out, with the announcers pushing that they may have been the greatest tag team in pro wrestling history.

Video of the Dudleys bidding farewell on Raw can be seen in last night’s video highlights.