WWE Focusing Heavily On RAW & SmackDown, Survivor Series Rumor Killer

Apparently the plan all along was for WWE to book The Shield and The Wyatt Family vs. The Usos, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Goldust and Cody Rhodes as a match on RAW. Since the promotion teased the six-on-six match two weeks ago, the plan was always to come back and hold the match on RAW the following week. At no point did WWE consider putting the match on the Survivor Series pay-per-view, despite previous reports to the contrary.

According to reports, the number one priority in WWE right now is to build up RAW and SmackDown so that the ratings are as strong as possible when the time comes to negotiate the new television rights fees domestically and internationally.

The feeling in the company is that if they can double or triple the rights fees they get for their weekly television shows, that they’re be doing well financially for the next several years. With the recent $8.2 billion television deal that NASCAR secured, several people within WWE feel that they can quadruple their current rights fees.

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[Credit: PWInsider.com]