WWE Heat Report (02/10/08) Special In Studio Edition

WWE Heat Report: 10th February 2008
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Special In Studio Edition: Valentine’s Day
Hosted By: Todd Grisham

Greetings. According to WWE.com, Heat is on a two week vacation, due to no shows being taped at the Raw marathon this past Monday in Texas. Fortunately, a special edition has been made for all of us based in Europe and the theme is Valentine’s Day and selected WWE romances. Here’s brief highlights of what aired:

A highlight reel taken from the Raw 15th Anniversary show titled “Holy Matrimony” starts off proceedings. We get to see wedding flashbacks of Triple H & Stephanie (both weddings) Edge & Lita and Kane & Lita.

The first match on hand is from SummerSlam 2004 where Kane faced Matt Hardy in a ‘Till Death Do Us Part Match’ where the winner got to marry Lita. Kane wins with a chokeslam from the top rope after he counters Matt’s tornado DDT attempt.

Following this, is the wedding of Kane and Lita. Matt comes out, gives Kane a twist of fate then runs off with Lita. A wall of flames block the happy couple from escaping and Kane comes back with a big boot to Matt. After chokeslamming Matt off the entrance ramp, Kane marries Lita and forces a kiss on her.

Next up is a recap of the Trish Stratus/Mickie James rivalry. This leads to WrestleMania 22 where Mickie wins the Women’s Title following a kick to the head.

Trish and Lita return in the next segment as their feud from 2006 is recapped. At Unforgiven that year, Trish defeats Lita with the Sharpshooter to win the Women’s Title in her retirement match. I miss both Divas.

In a quick Diva moment, courtesy of Diva diaries we get to see Candice Michelle, Melina and Maria roll around in a Chocolate pudding bowl. This was from the latter stages of 2007 I think. No Mercy or Cyber Sunday.

The final segment is dedicated to Edge and Vickie Guerrero. After recapping the recent Beat the Clock series and Rey Mysterio’s 619 on Vickie at the Royal Rumble, we get to see highlights from Smackdown a few weeks back where Rey teamed with CM Punk to face Edge & Chavo Guerrero. Punk wins it for his team with a Go To Sleep on Chavo.

Grisham says he’s going to throw up after seeing another clip of Edge and Vickie and ends the show. Heat returns with another special edition next week.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap from yesterday’s WrestleSlam convention from Manchester, England. The first ever UK wrestling convention.

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