WWE Las Cruces, NM, live results: Dean Ambrose vs. Rusev

JoJo is the ring announcer.

– Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks defeat Emma and Lana

Fun match. Sasha is over. Lana is the last one announced and gets a big pop. Ends when the babyfaces do their submissions at the same time. Emma taps to Sasha.

– Sin Cara def. Fernando

Fernando is doing great heel work throughout the match. Sin Cara wins via pinfall.

– Goldust vs. Viktor

R Truth is special guest ref for Goldust vs. Viktor. Goldust wins via pinfall. He and R-Truth are friendly afterwards. Comedy match.

– WWE Tag Team Champions New Day (Big E and Xavier w/trombone) vs. Wyatts (Strowman and Rowan) vs. Big Show / Kane

Big Show gets the biggest pop of the night. New Day gets a big reaction as well. Only two guys in the ring at once, and anyone can tag anyone. Kane pins Rowan and then Big E rolls up Kane. New Day is exiting when the Wyatts start beating up Kane/Show. New Day comes to the rescue. The New Day and Big Show / Kane all chokeslam the Wyatts at the same time. Then , New Day teach Big Show and Kane how to dance. Really fun match. Every time Kane or Big Show teased a chokeslam it got a huge reaction. Xavier was taking a beating for most of it.

– Hype Bros. defeat Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas

Along with the Goldust thing, this definitely got the least reaction. Still, surprisingly hot crowd.

– U.S. Champion Kalisto defeats Alberto Del Rio via pinfall

This was easily the hottest match of the night. Both guys are super over here. Crowd was reacting to everything. Del Rio got a huge babyface pop during his entrance, so the rest of the match, he worked devilish heel (tears up a kid’s sign, etc). Outstanding work from Del Rio. I had no idea how good this guy is. Del Rio removes turnbuckle when ref’s back is turned. Then Kalisto runs Del Rio into turnbuckle and hits the Salida del Sol for the pin.

– Dean Ambrose def. Rusev (w/Lana)

Lana gets heat by talking about how Las Cruces isn’t a real city, but just a small village in the middle of nowhere. Really funny. Ambrose gets huge pop. Lana gets ejected by ref. after continuing to distract him. Ambrose gets the crap beaten out of him for most of it, then wins with a dirty deeds. Fun match.