WWE Monday Night RAW Results (3/16): Orlando, FL.

Despite a considerable number of sporting and live events being canceled altogether, WWE marches on and will present this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw from their own WWE Performance Center training facility in Orlando, Florida, after cancelling the originally scheduled booking for tonight.

Featured below are complete results of the March 16th episode of WWE Monday Night Raw from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL written by Rajah.com’s Newest Female Reporter: Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.


Jerry the King Lawler, Tom Phillips, and Byron Saxton welcome us to tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Lawler announces the Texas Rattlesnake himself will be here tonight. Phillips sends us in to a video from last week’s Monday Night Raw highlighting AJ Styles and the Undertaker’s current war.

As we come back from the video clip, Saxton announces Undertaker and AJ Styles are both at the Performance Center tonight and will be signing the contract for their match-up later tonight. Lawler then announces that it’s 3:16 Day, as Stone Cold will be appearing later tonight. Edge is announced to be making an appearance as well as they are interrupted by the sound of Edge’s music playing and the Rated R Superstar makes his way into the ring!!

Edge In-Ring Promo

Edge enters the ring, starting by saying it’s been a strange few months for his wife Beth and himself. Edge sends us into a video montage highlighting all the events from his return at the Royal Rumble til now including Orton’s attack on Edge, Beth Phoenix being RKO’d, Edge Spearing Orton, and more.

We come back from the video, Edge sitting in the center of the ring in the empty Performance Center. Edge says it’s been a long time coming, going into the story of meeting Randy’s dad 21 years ago. Edge knew his and Orton’s careers would intertwine.

As Edge and Orton got to know one another, they realized they had a lot in common, their dislike for the same things, even owing the same man credit for handing the torch to both Orton and Edge, Edge says that man was Mick Foley.

Edge adds that Orton clearly didn’t take the same lesson from Foley, and that lesson was grit. After standing back up at the Royal Rumble after the neck surgeries and everything he endured, Edge knew he had learned that lesson. Edge continues on saying that Orton is an entitled brat, adding that Orton is one of the best, maybe the best.

Orton was handed all of this, and it kills Orton that Edge had to work for everything he earned. Edge mentions he was raised by a single mother and earned everything he has while Orton was given everything on a silver platter. Orton is clearly jealous, Edge adds.

Edge shares that Beth Phoenix came to RAW a few weeks ago, not just to share his current medical status, but to retire for Edge once again. But then Phoenix didn’t think it was fair that someone had to retire not once, but twice from something Edge was born to do.

Edge states that Orton pulled him out of a hole, a hole that Orton dug and threw him in. Edge declares if Orton has the guts, he will see Orton in a Last Man Standing Match. Edge ends saying this is a story Edge writes, and it’s not a tragedy. “After Wrestlemania, this time, you won’t stand up” Edge ends his statement as he drops the mic and exits the ring.

Becky Lynch Arrives At Performance Center

A video clip is shown from earlier today. The words “Lass Kicker” are seen as Becky Lynch pulls up to RAW in a semi-truck, making her unique entrance to the Performance Center. King declares Lynch is here for tonight’s Monday Night Raw as we go to commercial.

Happy 3:16 Day!

As we come back from our first commercial break, Happy Austin 3:16 Day as a quick video clip of memorable moments from the Rattlesnake are shown, highlighting Steve Austin’s kickassery.

Announcer’s Desk

We move over to the announcer’s table where we once again join Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Jerry Lawler. Phillips welcomes us back to the very unique episode of Monday Night Raw at the Performance Center in Orlando, FL, announcing there is no training here tonight, only a historically memorable episode of Raw.

Philllips continues on adding Edge already laid out a Wrestlemania challenge of a Last Man Standing Match to Orton and still to come we have The Undertaker, AJ Styles, and Becky Lynch will all be here tonight.

Lawler mentions we need not forget that Stone Cold is here tonight, adding today is “3:16 Day” to which Saxton says he’s excited about and Lawler responds he doesn’t look too excited.

Switching Gears, Saxton sets up a video clip from the 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble match where the main event of Wrestlemania was decided.

Video: Men’s Royal Rumble 2020

The video begins with the rules for the match, then music sounds for Brock Lesnar as entrance number one, accompanied by Paul Heyman. I am thinking we are seeing the entire Men’s Royal Rumble match (similar to seeing the Tag-Team Chamber Match at Elimination Chamber on Friday Night SmackDown for time filling).

We see the match up until the point where Lesnar is pacing the ring alone awaiting his next opponent as the clock runs down and Robert Roode enters the Men’s Royal Rumble match. With that we go to commercial break.

First there’s a quick ad for the WWE Shop at wwe.com where Stone Cold Steve Austin shirts can be purchased along with other WWE attire.

2020 Men’s Royal Rumble Match (continued)

John Morrison’s entrance to the Men’s Royal Rumble is shown as we come back from commercial break. Randy Orton continues his domination of the first four eliminations in the 2020 Royal Rumble.

We see the 7th elimination by Randy Orton as he throws Kofi Kingston over the top rope. Once again go to commercial break.

Stone Cold’s Shows on USA Highlighted

Steve Austin “The Broken Skull Sessions” is highlighted, guest Bret Hart sitting across the table from Stone Cold is announced to follow tonight’s Monday Night Raw.

A promo for Straight Up Steve Austin airs as we are told the show returns this summer on USA. Then back to commercial break.

More Men’s Royal Rumble 2020

As we come back from commercial break, Shelton Benjamin enters the Royal Rumble with Brock Lesnar, first hugging Paul Heyman, then Lesnar inside the ring. Lesnar turning on his friend, then eliminating him followed by laughter. Nakamura follows up as the clock runs out once again.

#13 Keith Lee from NXT enters with Brock Lesnar, making his first appearance at Royal Rumble. The crowd chanting, “All bask in his glory!” clearly upsetting Lesnar who steps to Lee, seemingly surprised by his size. Lee takes down Lesnar as the clock goes down to 0 and the Monster Among Men Braun Strowman enters with the other two behemoths.

Lee and Strowman exchanging blows as Lesnar comes up from behind, eliminating both giants at once while also matching the record number of eliminations for Royal Rumble at thirteen eliminations. We once again go to commercial break.

…More Royal Rumble 2020

Ricochet enters the Royal Rumble, announcers pointing out we are half way through the match now. Drew McIntyre enters the ring shortly after, telling Lesnar he’s in big trouble.

Lesnar removes his gloves, Ricochet with a low-blow as McIntyre delivers a Claymore kick for the elimination of (then) WWE Champion Brock Lesnar at 26 minutes and 23 seconds. McIntyre then eliminating Ricochet by tossing him nearly to the front row of the audience.

The Miz enters the Rumble, for the 12th time at Royal Rumble 2020. Lesnar still not leaving ringside, stare down with McIntyre. The Miz hit with a Claymore and then eliminated. The crowd chanting “Nah Nah Nah Hey Hey Goodbye!” as Lesnar exits the ringside area.

Video Clip Cena vs. The Fiend For Wrestlemania

Again we go to commercial, first showing a video clip of highlighting the events leading to the match up between John Cena and The Fiend set for Wrestlemania on Sunday, April 5th.

Men’s Royal Rumble 2020

AJ Styles enters the Rumble with Drew McIntyre, then #19 enters, Dolph Ziggler. McIntyre receives a low-blow from Styles followed by Ziggler with a cheap shot. #20 Carl Anderson enters next, helping Styles stay in the match.

Finally, #21 EDGE! The return of Edge after several years, pyro going off as Edge stops in the middle of the ramp. First time back after retiring in 2011. Edge hits a Spear on every man in the ring except Styles.

Edge looks around as the crowd as they are all going crazy, all on their feet. Edge stares down AJ Styles, Styles attempts to take down Edge. Edge finally landing a Spear on Styles as well. We go to commercial again.

One of the Last Segments of Men’s Royal Rumble 2020

We come back from the commercial break, still watching the action between the superstars at the 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble. #22 through #26 enter the ring, Roman Reigns being #26 during this action packed match!

Kevin Owens as #27, Orton stalking Owens who lands Stunners on multiple superstars and attempting to take out Edge as #28, Aleister Black comes jogging into the ring. Owens and Black going at it, Edge coming in and running into a big knee. McIntyre hit with the Fade to Black.

All the men worn down as they hang on to the ropes and struggle to their feet. The clock runs down and Samoa Joe enters the Rumble. Only one more entrance left!

Last year’s Royal Rumble winner, The Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins, makes his way to the ring accompanied by his “disciples” as the final entry into the 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble match as we go to commercial break.

Nearing The End of 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble Match

Orton out of the ring, but not out of the match joins the announcers ringside as Rollins and Samoa Joe go at it in the center of the ring, Joe eliminated by Rollins. An all out brawl at ringside as the superstars attempt to destroy one another.

Owens, Black, Joe, all going at it as Rollins looks on, wondering where everyone is going. Edge re-enters the ring, Orton, McIntyre, and Reigns in the remaining 3 corners. Rollins asks Reigns tries to take on the others as he extends his fist. Superman Punch by Reigns as an answer.

Claymore kick by McIntyre, getting his fifth elimination as he throws Rollins over the top rope as we go to commercial again.

End of Men’s Royal Rumble 2020

As we come back from the commercial break, we are nearing the end of the 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble (finally!) with only 4 men left in the ring. Edge and Orton team up momentarily, Edge turns his back for a second then thinks better of it and quickly turns back towards Orton who is mid-crouch as he’s about to pounce on Edge.

Orton stands tall and smiles, half saying “I had to try, right?” Edge waits til Orton is close to the ropes and flips him over the top rope eliminating him. Roman Reigns sets his sights on Edge with a howl, Edge Spears Reigns. Both men end up on the apron on the outside of the ropes, both struggling to hold on to the ropes.

Reigns eliminates Edge as the crowd boos. Edge lasted 25 minutes according to the announcers. Reigns back in the ring attempts to eliminate Reigns. A Claymore by Drew McIntyre followed by tossing Reigns over the top rope. Drew McIntyre drops to his knees as he tears up in the center of the ring.

A standing ovation of over 40,000 fans as McIntyre stands to his feet.

Announcer’s Table

Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips, and Jerry Lawler once again standing at the announcer’s table as the 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble match comes to an end.

Saxton begins by saying, “What an extraordinary moment in Drew McIntyre’s career, who by winning the Men’s Royal Rumble match, would choose to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania.”

Tom Phillips shares that as stated earlier today when the news broke, Wrestlemania this year will not be taking place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL as it will now take place live from the Performance Center in Orlando, FL on April 5th on PPV and the WWENetwork website.

Lawler replies that that is stunning news, going on to say anything can happen and the show must, and will, go on.

Things turn back to Phillips who sets up a video clip of the warning McIntyre received from Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar 2 weeks ago on Monday Night RAW.

Video Clip: Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar

Paul Heyman is speaking to Drew McIntyre when he’s interrupted as McIntyre’s music sounds and McIntyre enters the ring with Heyman and Lesnar. Lesnar laughing and smiling as he faux leaving the ring, then quickly going for a cheap shot as McIntyre blocks and counters as he hits a Claymore on Lesnar.

McIntyre then hitting a second and third Claymore on Lesnar as the clip ends.

Contract Signing Officiated By Jerry Lawler

Jerry “The King” Lawler stands in the center of the ring at the Performance Center as he announces it is now time for the contract signing between AJ Styles and The Undertaker.

We hear the chiming of the gong as Undertaker’s music sounds in the Performance Center, the lights dim with accents of blue beams of light as The Undertaker steps into the ring.

Lawler motions for Undertaker to have a seat at the table that has been set up inside the ring. Undertaker grabs the table from underneath, flipping it over as Lawler scurries to the corner in fear attempting to exit the ring. Undertaker continues throwing and flipping chairs as we go to commercial break.

Announcer’s Desk

As we come back from the commercial break, Austin 3:16 Day is announced once again as we get a recap of what happened before the break.

The Undertaker came to the ring for the contract signing and was upset that there was not a contract there. Phillips states that shows just how personal things have become between AJ Styles and the Undertaker as he sets up for a video clip.

Video Clip: Undertaker and Styles

Styles voice is heard saying that Undertaker stole a beautiful trophy from him and then at Elimination Chamber he cost Styles a match. Styles says whatever caused Undertaker to do that is going to cost him as Styles will take him down at Wrestlemania.

Styles states Undertaker should have retired 10 years ago, then adding Michelle McCool is trying to run her husband Undertaker into the ground and Styles is going to help.

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Undertaker In-Ring

Undertaker is seen pacing the ring following the video package. Undertaker still notably upset as there was no contract to sign. AJ Styles music sounds in the Performance Center as Undertaker looks up the ramp expecting to see Styles come out.

Nothing. Lawler speaks from the announcer’s table asking, “What now?” The music starts once again. Again, no Styles. Finally Styles face appears on the screen above the ramp. Styles asks if Undertaker is looking for something as Styles holds up the contract saying “it’s right here.”

Styles says as luck would have it, many people come through the Performance Center hoping to be just like Undertaker. Laughing, Styles says, well not people like him, he went straight to the top. The OC members standing on either side of Styles.

“You dont see Michael Jordan interjecting himself into the NBA finals do ya? Peyton Manning or Bret Farve don’t interject themselves into the Superbowl. But Undertaker is gonna interject himself into Wrestlemania.”

Styles goes on to say that he knows why Undertaker does so, Michelle McCool. Styles adds that McCool helps Undertaker dust off his crusty old hat so he can enter the ring and embarass himself.

Styles calls Undertaker by his name, Mark, telling Mark he’s a shell of his old self. The flame is gone, according to Styles. Styles says his brain should find some sort of sympathy for “the old guy” but he can’t as Undertaker stole from him not once, but twice.

Undertaker glaring at the screen. Styles says at Wrestlemania the lights may go off but he can’t hide. Styles laughs and says, “We know you can’t run”.
Styles then adds, “when Wrestlemania is over, I will gladly pay for your assisted living costs.” Ending by saying he will be doing everyone a favor when he helps Undertaker, Rest. In. Peace.

Styles laughs as he asks OC members if they heard how he “got him”, then looking down at the contract. Styles signs, stating there is a pen inside. Styles closes the contract asking Karl Anderson to take it to Undertaker.

Anderson shakes his head and stutters as he states he’s not taking it out there. Styles turns to Gallows, asking him to take it to Undertaker. Gallows responds, “I don’t wanna do it…”

Styles upset as he shouts asking if they’re scared. Gallows pats Styles chest saying, “It’s your match.” Styles demands Anderson take it and Gallows join him, telling them not to “back talk” him as he smiles.

Undertaker is once again pacing the ring, not moving his eyes from the top of the ramp. Anderson and Gallows are arguing over who has to hand the contract over to Undertaker as their music plays in the Performance Center and they slowly walk down the ring.

Finally they slide the paperwork into the ring, holding their hands out as if to show no hard feelings. The gong sounds as the lights go out. The lights return as Gallows and Anderson are unaware that Undertaker is now standing behind them (I must admit, that was a pretty impressive and quick move from the ring to behind them on the ramp in that few seconds).

Confused, Gallows and Anderson turn around as they try to explain and get out of the ensuing fight. Undertaking bulldogs both men into the ring as he takes them apart. Undertaker with a stomp to the face of Anderson, then throwing Gallows into a corner.

Undertaker then signs the contract, stuffing the paperwork into the mouth of Anderson. Styles mean mugging from backstage but not doing anything about it. Undertaker walks up to the screen, staring down the picture of Styles on the screen.

We go to commercial break as the announcers state Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade is coming up next, and remind us once again that it’s 3:16 Day and Stone Cold will be here tonight live.

Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade

As we come back from commercial break, Rey Mysterio’s music sounds as the match is announced between Mysterio and Andrade.

Mysterio enters the ring, doing his entrance as normal. Asuka joins the three announcers at ringside as she is welcomed. Asuka says something or other.

Andrade is announced next as he makes his way out with Zelina Vega, Andrade carrying his championship belt with him to the ring. Asuka shouts “Andrade” when asked what she thinks about the match. Andrade shouts, “this is mine!” as he holds his belt toward Mysterio.

The bell rings and the match begins. Asuka shouts random things as the match continues. Andrade taking the lead early on in this match. Mysterio flipping Andrade in the center of the ring. Zelina Vega grabs the ankle of Mysterio.

Mysterio up to the top, as he slams into Andrade. Andrade gets the cover on Mysterio who kicks out at two as we go to commercial.

As we come back from the commercial break, Mysterio and Andrade continue to throw strikes back and forth. Mysterio spins Andrade into the post with Head Scissors followed by a Springboard Seated Senton on Andrade.

Towards the end of the match, Mysterio gets to the top turnbuckle, landing a 619 on Andrade followed by a move off the top rope for the cover and the three count pin and win here in the Performance Center.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Becky Lynch In-Ring Promo

As we once again come back from commercial break, the announcers welcome us back to Monday Night RAW as the music sounds for “The Man” Becky Lynch. Lynch makes her way toward the ring as it is stated that this is the 1,399 episode of Monday Night Raw.

Lynch stops half way down the ramp as she holds her Women’s Championship belt high above her head, then continues on to the ring.

Lynch begins, “Shayna, this one’s for you because I know you’re watching and I know you’re listening because my mere existance annoys you.” Lynch continues on to say Shayna bullies people, that’s what she’s used to.

Lynch says as long as she’s the champ, Baszler’s whole world is a lie. Lynch says she’s the prey that killed it’s predator. Every word, every action, every tweet, every interaction is to make you think what I WANT you to think.

Lynch says she wants Baszler to do something she never does, think. Think of how it will feel when Lynch beats her. Lynch said she saw Baszler take down the Women’s Division at Elimination Chamber and it opened her eyes, but at Wrestlemania, Lynch is gonna prove her whole life is a lie, and it’s gonna hit Baszler like a truck.

With that Lynch drops the mic as she exits the ring. Baszler with a scowl on her face, watching the interview from backstage. Lynch standing at the top of the ramp says, “This is my house.”

We go to commercial break.

3:16 Day

Yet another clip of Stone Cold Steve Austin attacking Vince McMahon in the hospital as Austin is dressed as a nurse. We go back to commercial.

Highlights Of Events Between Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair

As we come back from commercial, we see clips of the action between Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair, both on NXT and on WWE as they make their way to Wrestlemania.

Backstage With Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens is welcomed by Charly Caruso who asks Owens about the match expected to take place with Seth Rollins. Owens asks if he can hold the mic, thanking her as he looks directly into the camera.

Owens begins, “Seth, I know you’re watching. I know you’ve been waiting for an answer for a while now, so let me give it directly to you.” Owens continues on to say yes, of course he accepts.

Owens continues on saying he has thought hard about the details, when the match will take place, where the match will take place, etc. Owens says the match will be held at the Performance Center. The Performance Center is what made Owens, and there’s no better place.

“For months, you have had your goons, or ‘disciples’, call them what you want. They got the better of me more times than I can count.” But in the Performance Center, Owens has the advantage.

Owens goes on to say he has many great memories at the Performance Center. Owens ends saying when he and Rollins meet up face to face, another memory will be added, Owens beating Rollins in the place he earned his spot in the WWE, and it’ll be at Wrestlemania.

Announcer’s Desk

“Mighty tall words to the Monday Night Messiah,” Lawler says, adding Kevin Owens bit off more than he can chew.

Phillips sets up for a Stone Cold Steve Austin video clip of Wrestlemania 1998. When they return, they announce Stone Cold is up next, as we go to our final commercial.

The Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin In-Ring

As we come back from commercial break, we hear that familiar shattering of the glass as the entry music for Stone Cold sounds and we see a smiling Stone Cold Steve Austin make his way to the ring, holding a just as familiar can in his hand.

Austin takes a sip, then crushes and throws the can into the empty seats in the Performance Center. Austin is smiling as he steps into the ring, onto the bottom turnbuckle, throwing his hands in the air.

He is announced as “The greatest of all time, the Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin!!” Austin does his entire entrance, pointing to the camera and smiling. Two more cans are thrown in the ring as Austin signals for them

Austin opens both of the cans and pours them into his mouth as even the announcer’s are in awe of the superstar. Austin grabs the mic, saying he blew himself up on the entrance.

Austin starts by saying it’s good to be there tonight, even in an empty Performance Center, as he’s coming to you through your tv screen. Austin continues on saying he’s there to make a declaration, that the 16th of March is officially 316 Day.

He then asks, “If you want to know the meaning behind 316 Day, gimme a hell yea!” The camera jumps to a shot of the empty arena, then back to Austin. Austin once again says, “I said, if you want to know the meaning behind 316 Day, gimme a hell yea!”

A “Hell Yeaa!” comes from Byron Saxton. Austin thanks Saxton for his enthusiasm. Stone Cold continues on saying, “3:16 Day is when someone gives you a load of crap, you give it back to them by simply giving a certain hand gesture with one finger.” Byron holds up a card with the number “8” on it. Austin thanks Byron for his participation as he goes on.

Austin then looks to his cards to continue and says, “Ah Eh Ooo Ooo Ah Kee…” then turns the card around, “it was upside down”. Austin says 3:16 Day is when you can open up a can of whoop ass on anyone you want. Byron gives a 6 to which Austin replies it’s a tough crowd, even with no one there it’s a tough crowd.

Austin continues on saying 3:16 Day is when: the speed limit is only a suggestion, a day when you don’t give a damn and happy hour is 24 hours long and if you burp its considered poetry, when your boss works for you, when you can have beer instead of your morning coffee, a day when four letter words are always acceptable, basically 3:16 Day is a day when you can whip anybody’s ass and get away with it, and that’s the bottom line!”

Austin then asks Byron if he wants to come down and celebrate with Stone Cold. Austin compliments the suit, asking if it’s Ralph Lauren, adding that he likes the red socks. Byron in the ring, Austin says Byron was a little tough on his scores to which Byron says he was just being honest.

Austin hands Byron a beer as they both crack their beers, Austin says he appreciates the depth of honesty and levels of fabric Byron brought to the broadcast. Austin says, here’s to you Byron, “100 percent pure unadulterated jackass!” They both chug, as (if your surprised) Austin performs a Stunner on Byron.

Austin’s music sounds as he asks for 2 more beers as he states, “Oh hell yea!” Stone Cold gets more beers thrown to him. Becky Lynch’s music sounds. Lynch heads down smiling holding a cooler.

Stone Cold says, “Last time I had you in the ring, you hit me with a Stone Cold Stunner.” Lynch holds 2 beers as does Austin who says this is in honor of 3:16 Day. Becky says she’s here for some “Stevewisers”. With that being said, “Cheers Becky”. Austin continues getting beers thrown to him. Lynch drinking beers along with him.

Byron back to his feet as Austin hands him another beer… then of course another Stunner! “That’s what happens when Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Man come around. And that’s the bottom line, because Stone Cold and Becky said so!”

…Annnd that’s the show!! Happy 3:16 Day Everyone, Good-Night!!!

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