WWE NXT Results (7/3): Tyler Breeze vs Roderick Strong, Breakout Tournament Continues, Kushida in Action

WWE NXT Results
July 3, 2019

— MIA YIM def. ALIYAH // A short, but solid back-and-forth match with a lot of offense from Aliyah. Another good win for Mia Yim. After the match she attacked Vanessa Borne as well, throwing her into the ring steps. She took over the commentary booth and called out Shayna Baszler, saying she was coming for the title, and coming to kick her ass.

— We are shown footage of last week’s steel cage match, where Io Shirai turned heel and assaulted Candice LeRae after losing to Shayna Baszler last week.

— William Regal is interviewed backstage about Candice’s condition, but the Forgotten Sons rush into his office and complain about the Street Profits “booking matches” and them once again being left out of the title picture. Regal said they had an opportunity and for some reason got themselves DQ’d, so they’re now at the back of the line. He announces a title match for next week, with the Profits defending against Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan.

— We see the continuation of Adam Cole’s NXT Championship World Tour Celebration. Last week we saw him arrive at a pizza place called Gargano’s, and this week we find out it is indeed his family’s restaurant. Cole is there to pick up a stack of pizzas, and everyone working there stares him down. He hangs a signed photo of himself on the wall that says “To Gargano: A Champion You Can Be Proud Of”. He then visits the wrestling school in Johnny’s home town and trashes the coaches there, and mocking the students for thinking they could ever make it to NXT or become a champion.

— KUSHIDA def. JEFF PARKER // Kushida dominated the entire match, taking Parker to the mat and grappling circles around him, before hitting a handspring back elbow, and nearly snapping his arm in half. He hit a cartwheel dropkick, a strong right hand to the jaw, and locked in the Sakuraba Lock (formerly called the Hoverboard Lock) for the easy victory.

— Another vignette for the re-debut of Killian Dain, who is headed back to NXT soon.

— CAMERON GRIMES def. ISAIAH “SWERVE” SCOTT // Swerve shined early with some quick offense early on, but Grimes quickly took him to the mat and worked over his shoulder, nearly wrenching it out of its socket. He slowed things down dominating a good portion of the match, but the last couple of minutes were an incredible, all-out sprint of big moves and great nearfalls. Grimes hit a huge sit-down powerbomb, Scott did a crazy rolling Flatliner through the ropes, and a Fosbury Flop, but it wasn’t enough. Grimes ended up pulling out a strong victory after a twisting crossbody, and a diving double foot stomp from the top rope. Really good match.

— BIANCA BELAIR def. DIAMANTE // This was an absolute massacre. Belair beat the absolute hell out of her opponent, and at one point was literally pressing her in the air, doing push-ups. After a couple minutes of completely one-sided offense, Belair finally put her away with an Argentine Facebuster.

— RODERICK STRONG def. TYLER BREEZE // A hard-hitting match from the very start. Both guys laid it in and got in some nasty offense. Strong took control after slamming his back into the edge of the ring steps, then delivered several backbreakers to create an easy target. Breeze tried to fight back multiple times, but Strong crippled the back further every time, including a stalling back superplex from the top rope. Breeze eventually hits a series of knee strikes and tries for the Supermodel Kick, but doesn’t get all of it. The Undisputed Era ran out and Kyle O’Reilly ate a superkick. Strong took advantage of the distraction to hit End of Heartache to win.

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