WWE Raw draws best viewership since night after WrestleMania

Last night’s Raw, with a post-Backlash bump and a show-long tease of the return to the ring of Christian, plus Ric Flair and Big Show returning and a more loaded third hour, averaged 1.94 million viewers, the best number since the day after WrestleMania, even beating the night Becky Lynch announced her pregnancy.

The 0.53 rating in 18-49 was identical to last week even though it was a strong 12 percent increase in viewers overall. The real gains from last week were with teenagers and those over the age of 50.

While the open was strong, the show kept its viewers through tons of talking and angles better than any Raw episode in a long time, with the second hour beating the first and the third hour only being down seven percent from the first.

The show was down 13 percent from the same week last year and 25 percent in 18-49, both numbers better than the show had been doing.

From hour one to three, the show dropped 14 percent with women 18-49, and 12 percent with men 18-49, 12 percent with teenage girls, and 26 percent with teenage boys but only five percent with the largest audience, which is those over 50.

The three hours were:

8 p.m. 1.98 million viewers
9 p.m. 2.00 million viewers
10 p.m. 1.84 million viewers