WWE RAW Results (10/28): St. Louis, MO

The October 28th, 2019 edition of WWE RAW took place at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis, MO.

– Vic Joseph, Dio Maddin, and Jerry Lawler welcome us to RAW. Lawler will host a special edition of The King’s Court with Rusev and Lana tonight.

– Paige comes out to the stage to kick off tonight’s show. She introduces the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, The Kabuki Warriors. They all walk down to the ring, and Paige talks about all of Asuka and Kairi Sane’s accomplishments so far. Asuka snatches the mic away from Paige and says something in her language. Kairi does the same. Paige grabs the mic away from Kairi, and Asuka spits the green mist in Paige’s face. Some WWE staffers give Paige a towel and water at ringside. Asuka follows Paige out to ringside, and then Becky Lynch comes out for the save. Becky knocks Kairi Sane out of the ring, and Kairi and Asuka both retreat. Becky chases them out to ringside and starts brawling with them both on the floor.

– Becky Lynch vs. Kairi Sane: We’re back from the commercial break, and we’ve got a singles match. Kairi tries to shake Becky’s hand, but Becky throws her into the corner and stomps on her. They trade strikes until Kairi rolls outside for a breather. Back in the ring, Kairi turns it around and beats down Becky in the corner. Becky fights back and rolls up Kairi for a two count. Becky connects with an enziguri, then an elbow to the face. Becky climbs the turnbuckle, but Kairi drops her down to the mat. Kairi continues the offense until she misses a kick, and Becky hits some arm drags now. Becky beats on Kairi until she rolls out to ringside for another breather. Becky rolls outside and hits a clothesline on Kairi. Asuka causes a distraction, which leads to Kairi kicking Becky into the ring post. Back in the ring, Kairi continues the offense on Becky. Becky mounts a comeback and hits several kicks on Kairi in the corner. Kairi tries to start working over Becky’s leg, but Becky fights out and hits a flying forearm shot. Becky looks for a suplex, but Kairi reverses it into a DDT for a two count. They fight up the turnbuckle now, which leads to Becky throwing Kairi down to the mat. Becky follows up with a flying leg drop off the middle rope for a two count. Asuka causes a distraction at ringside, which leads to Kairi hitting a spinning back elbow on Becky for a two count. Becky comes back with the Disarm Her for the win via submission.

Winner: Becky Lynch

– The announcers send us to a video package looking at the history between Lana and Rusev.

– R-Truth comes out rapping, and he’s in singles action next. Truth does an interview in the ring first, and he talks about Samir and Sunil Singh taking his 24/7 Title last week. Truth says he bought bifocal glasses so he can keep an eye on both Singh Brothers at the same time. Buddy Murphy comes out to the ring and tells Truth to stop worrying about the 24/7 Title, because he should be worried about him. Buddy says Truth might not know who he is yet, but after tonight, he’ll never forget him.

– Buddy Murphy vs. R-Truth: Buddy starts off strong with a series of strikes on Truth. Truth fires back with some right hands, and then a headscissor takedown. Truth shows off with a splits in the ring, and it costs him as Buddy nails him with a boot to the face. Truth fires back with the spinning forearm shot to the face for a two count. Truth waits to Buddy to get up, then looks for the Ace Kick, but Buddy dodges it. Buddy comes back with a series of strikes, but Truth drops him with a side kick for a two count. The Singh Brothers run down with a mob of wrestlers chasing them for the 24/7 Title. Truth joins the chase and they keep running in circles around the ring. Truth finally gets back in the ring, and Murphy knees him in the face for the three count.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

– The Singh Brothers and the mob chasing them go out through the crowd now. Truth rolls out of the ring after the match and continues the chase after the Singh Brothers.

– Back from the break, we see a pre-taped promo from The AOP, where they speak in their native languages.

– The Street Profits come out to the ring, and they’ve got mics. They talk about The OC making a mistake by going after them. They say they want the smoke, then they start exiting through the crowd repeating that they want the smoke.

– We’re split-screen backstage, and we see Ric Flair on one side, and Hulk Hogan with Jimmy Hart on the other side. They’re getting ready for a Crown Jewel preview up next.

– Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Jimmy Hart all come out to the ring. Hogan and Flair exchange words in the ring, and then Hogan introduces one of his team members, Ricochet.

– Ricochet vs. Drew McIntyre: Ricochet hits a dive on Drew at ringside before the opening bell. Back in the ring, the opening bell sounds and Ricochet hits a kick on Drew, then knocks Drew out to ringside. Ricochet follows up with another suicide dive on Drew. On the way back in the ring, Drew slams Ricochet on the apron. Drew puts the boots to Ricochet on the ringside floor now. Drew suplexes Ricochet on the floor as Ric Flair cheers him on. Drew hits chops to the chest of Ricochet right in front of Flair. Back in the ring, Drew continues to control the pace and keeps Ricochet grounded. Drew gets distracted by Hogan, and he rolls out to ringside to get in Hogan’s face and they exchange words. Drew continues the offense with a suplex. Ricochet tries to mount a comeback after connecting a kick, but Drew overpowers him and gives Ricochet a crucifix powerbomb into the turnbuckle. They fight out to ringside and Drew beats down Ricochet in front of Hogan. Back in the ring, Ricochet tries to mount a comeback again, but Drew shuts him down with a big boot. Drew looks for another powerbomb into the turnbukle, but Ricochet reverses it into a hurricanrana in the corner. Ricochet connects with some strikes now, then a jawbreaker and a rolling dropkick. Rirochet hits a springboard flying clothesline now, and then a springboard moonault for a two count. Ricochet misses a shot in the corner and Drew hits the reverse Alabama Slam for a two count. Ricochet starts to fight back, but Drew shuts him down with a running clothesline. Ricochet starts fighting back again, but Randy Orton runs in and takes out Ricochet with an RKO out of nowhere.

Winner via DQ: Ricochet

– Flair celebrates with his Crown Jewel team members McIntyre and Orton after the match.

– The OC is shown backstage talking to Humberto Carrillo. AJ talks about how he’s one of the most respected veterans in WWE, and he thinks it was cool how Humberto wanted to prove himself in the ring last week. But if Humberto wants to face a real champ, he should face AJ tonight. Humberto seems to accept.

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– The Viking Raider vs. Rizzo & Bryant: Rizzo and Bryant appear to be enhancement talents. This one is a quick squash match, and the Raiders hit The Viking Experience for the three count.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

– Bobby Lashley and Lana are shown backstage. They’re getting ready to be on The King’s Court tonight.

– Sin Cara is backstage for an interview with Charly Caruso. Sin Cara has another masked wrestler with him, Catalina, and she’s fired up to even the odds against Zelina Vega at ringside.

– Sin Cara vs. Andrade: Zelina Vega and Catalina are both at ringside for this one. Andrade starts off strong and hits a backbreaker for a two count. This one spills out to ringside where Sin Cara hits a big dive on Andrade. Back in the ring, Vega causes a distraction as Cara tries to pin. Catalina ends up taking out Vega. The distraction leads to Andrade getting the pin on Cara.

Winner: Andrade

– Natalya and Charlotte are shown backstage getting ready to come out to the ring.

– Natalya & Charlotte vs. The Iiconics: Flair and Peyton start this one off, and Flair unloads with a series of chops. Natalya tags in for the double team, then Kay tags in. Kay gets the upper hand, then Peyton tags back in for the double team. Peyton keeps Natalya grounded in the ring, then Kay tags back in. Flair ends up taking out Peyton, and Natalya puts Kay in the Sharpshooter for the win via submission after a short match.

Winners: Natalya & Charlotte

– After the match, Charlotte and Natalya hug in the ring and celebrate their win.

– Seth Rollins is backstage for an interview. He talks about his Falls Count Anywhere match with Rowan tonight, and he says this kind of match is what he does. He says he knows Bray Wyatt is going to take him to another level on Thursday, but he’s ready.

-Seth Rollins vs. Eric Rowan: This one is a Falls Count Anywhere match. The opening bell sounds and Rollins starts off strong with a dropkick. They brawl back and forth all over the ringside area now. They fight all the way up to the concessions area of the arena, and then over by some merchandise displays. Rowan launches Rollins over a table into a merchandise booth, then chokeslams Rollins through the table for a two count. They fight back out to the ringside area now. Rollins finally mounts a comeback and hits a suicide dive on Rowan. Rowan tries to fight back, but Rollins sends Rowan into the ring steps. Rollins misses a shot, and Rowan sends Rollins into the ring steps now. Back in the ring, Rowan hits a splash in the corner, then he kicks Rollins back out to ringside. Rowan runs around the ring with a cross body on Rollins for a two count. Rowan controls the next few moments of the match now, and he takes Rollins over to the announce table. Rowan looks for the Iron Claw, but Rollins reverses it and hits a stomp on Rowan on the table. Rowan stumbles down off the stage, and Rollins hits a dive on him. Rollins nails Rowan with a steel chair now, and they fight into the backstage area. They brawl through pipes and into a forklift. Rowan throws a production case at Rollins, but Rollins dodges it. Rollins nails Rowan with a ladder, then hits a curb stomp on Rowan into the ladder. Rollins instructs someone to get in the forklift and put some pallets on top of Rowan on the floor. Rollins stands on the pallets on Rowan as the ref counts three.

Winner: Seth Rollins

– We see Lana and Lashley backstage again. Lashley says he wants to go out to the ring right her tonight, but Lana insists that she has to do this on her own, then they kiss.

– We see a pre-taped promo from Aleister Black. He talks about how madness is doing the same thing over and over, and except a different outcome, but he doesn’t want to change the outcomes he’s been getting lately. He says his next opponent will have an intimate relationship with fear.

– They send us to a video package looking at what happened between Brock Lesnar, Rey Mysterio, Dominick, and Cain Velasquez on SmackDown last week.

– The announcers promote the card for Thusday’s Crown Jewel show.

– AJ Styles vs. Humberto Carillo: This one is a non-Title match, with Gallows and Anderson at ringside. The opening bell sounds and Carrillo gets in some good offense in the opening moments. AJ connects with some chops to the chest, but Carrillo turns it round with a series of strikes of his own. Humbeto rolls up AJ for a couple of near falls, then he hits a moonsault for another two count. They brawl out to ringside now where AJ hits a DDT on the floor. Back in the ring, AJ puts the boots to Humberto and laughs at him. Humberto fights back with a kick, then he hits a dropkick. Carrillo hits a missile dropkick off the top, then hits the Astec Press for a two count. Carrillo goes up top but misses a shot, and AJ comes back with the inverted DDT For a two count. AJ misses the Phenomenal Forearm, and Carrillo knocks him down. Carrillo hits another moonsault for a two count. Carrillo looks for a shot off the middle rope, but AJ takes him out. Carrillo appears to hit his knee, and AJ immediately puts him in the Calf Crusher for the win via submission.

Winner: AJ Styles

– After the match, AJ taunts Carrillo, and Carrillo decks him with right hand. AJ fights back and hits the Styles Clash on Carrillo. Gallows and Anderson get in the ring now for the beat-down, but The Street Profits come out for the save. The Street Profits clear the ring and help Carrillo to his feet, as The OC talks trash from the ramp.

– We go to a video package looking at the storyline between Lana, Bobby Lashley and Rusev.

– Jerry Lawler is in the ring for tonight’s edition of “The King’s Court.” He introduces his first guest, Rusev. Lana comes out next, and Lawler starts interviewing her about why she’s doing this. Lana says she didn’t want to air out their dirty laundry in public, but she’s sick of the WWE Universe always bullying her. She complains about the comments she gets online, and the crowd starts booing her heavily. Lana says the truth is, all Rusev ever wanted from her was sex. She says he wanted sex all the time – morning, afternoon, evening, in the arena, the doctor’s office, at WrestleMania, and she goes on down a list of places, and the fans cheer with each one. She says Rusev is a sex addict who only wants to put a baby inside her, and the fans pop for Rusev. Lana says she’s more focused on her modeling career, and she can’t model if she has stretch marks from being pregnant. Lawler continues his questioning, and Lana now says that Rusev cheated on her. Rusev gets upset and denies this, then Bobby Lashley comes out and hits the ring. Rusev nails Lashley with a boot to the face, then beats him down. Lashley fights back and looks for a spear, but Rusev counters it and slams Lashley. Rusev takes off his wedding band and fans cheer. He holds up the ring and yells at Lana, then he shoves the ring in Lashley’s mouth. Rusev continues beating on Lashley, and Lana comes in and starts hitting Rusev with a kendo stick. Rusev no-sells Lana’s shots, then grabs the stick and yells at Lana. Lashley hits a low blow on Rusev from behind, then hits a running kick to the groin on Rusev. Lashley and Lana start kissing in the ring as RAW goes off the air.