WWE RAW Results – 2/20

– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens with a graphic in memory of George “The Animal” Steele.
– They air a video package that recaps the end of the Best Friends on last week’s show.
– We’re live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. JoJo introduces WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens. He’s in the ring under a spotlight. A “you suck” chant starts up.

Owens says now that the spotlight is back where he belongs, he can address why he thinks he will still retain his title at WWE Fastlane. Owens speaks from his chair and talks about defending against Bill Goldberg, which brings out the Goldberg chants. Owens says he was never impressed with Goldberg and still isn’t. Owens believes all he has to do is out-last Goldberg and out-smart him. Owens says everyone, including Goldberg, knows that he doesn’t even come close to Owens in the smarts department. Because he knows to play the game better than anyone else. Owens goes on and the Goldberg chants resume. Owens says he’s going to prove to Goldberg, Goldberg’s son and everyone else that superheroes don’t exist. Owens goes on and says Goldberg is nothing. He addresses Chris Jericho next and the crowd picks up a bit.
Fans chant for Jericho but Owens just drops the mic and exits the ring as they boo him.
– We go to Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves. Still to come, Big Show vs. Braun Strowman and Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. Sheamus & Cesaro in a #1 contender’s match. We go to commercial as Enzo and Cass are walking backstage.
#1 Contender’s Match: Cesaro and Sheamus vs. Enzo Amore and Big Cass

Back from the break and the winners of this one will face RAW Tag Team Champions Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson at Fastlane. Cesaro and Sheamus are out first. Enzo Amore and Big Cass are out next. They cut promos on becoming the next tag team champions.
Sheamus and Cass go at it to start. Cass takes control and works him over. Cesaro tags in for a double team and a 2 count. Sheamus quickly comes back in and Cass catches him in a big slam to turn it around. Cass works Sheamus over in the corner and in comes Enzo. He taunts Cesaro and Cass uses Enzo to drop Cesaro when he runs in. Sheamus also takes a double team. Enzo goes to the top but Sheamus knocks him to the floor. Cesaro tag sin and runs around the ring, hitting a big uppercut on Enzo against the barrier. Cesaro mocks Enzo as we go to commercial.
Back from the break and Sheamus is in with Enzo, working him over. Sheamus with an Irish Curse backbreaker and a big knee for a 2 count. Cesaro comes back in and covers for a 2 count. Sheamus quickly comes back in for the double team on Enzo. Enzo ends up dropping Cesaro and getting pulled to the floor by Sheamus. He ducks a clothesline and runs back in for the tag but Cesaro floors him with an uppercut. Cass breaks the pin. Cesaro dropkicks Cass to the floor.

Cass ends up getting the hot tag and running wild on Sheamus. Cass hits a fall-away slam on Sheamus and then a Stinger splash. Sheamus ducks a big boot and tags in Cesaro. Cass boots Sheamus over the top and turns around to a running uppercut. Cesaro with a crossbody for a 2 count. Cass blocks the Neutralizer but Cesaro comes back with the springboard uppercut. Cesaro goes for the Cesaro Swing on Cass but then goes for the Sharpshooter. Enzo runs in and stops it but gets sent to the floor. Cass with the East River Crossing on Cesaro for the pin.
Winners and New #1 Contenders: Enzo Amore and Big Cass
– After the match, Enzo and Cass make their exit. Enzo stops at ringside and cuts a promo until Sheamus shuts him up with a big Brogue Kick. Cesaro and Sheamus look on as Cass helps Enzo up. Fans chant “thank you Sheamus” at him.
– We see Owens backstage walking out of the arena. Mick Foley stops him and informs him he can’t leave, he’s wrestling Sami Zayn tonight. Owens thought Foley liked Sami. Owens says Foley needs to be careful or he’s going to end up with more guys on the injured list than in the locker room. Owens walks off and we go to commercial.
– Back from the break and we get hype for tonight’s main event – Braun vs. Show.
– We get a video package on RAW Women’s Champion Bayley winning gold last week. Charlotte has demanded that Bayley relinquish the title and Bayley will be here to respond later.
– Mick Foley is backstage on the phone when Roman Reigns walks in and fans boo. Foley mentions he had to fortify the ring for tonight’s main event. Foley says Reigns is going to have to wait to get to Braun. Reigns says as soon as the main event is over… Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson walk in. The RAW Tag Team Champions have unfinished business with Reigns and want to finish it tonight. Foley tells him to find a partner and the match is on. Reigns says he doesn’t need a partner and walks off. Foley gets the cheap pop from Los Angeles and we go back to commercial.
Akira Tozawa vs. Brian Kendrick
Back from the break and Brian Kendrick makes his way out. Austin Aries has joined Graves and Cole for commentary on this match. Akira Tozawa is out next.
Kendrick demands a handshake before the match and screams at him. Tozawa is hesitant. Kendrick decks him and goes to work on him. Kendrick snaps and applies the Captain’s Hook before the bell ever rang. The referee yells at him and the hold is broken. Kendrick puts his jacket back on and walks away as fans boo. Tozawa recovers but Kendrick is gone.
– Charly Caruso is backstage when Kendrick walks up. He rants on Tozawa and says tonight was the first lesson and it was about respect. Kendrick walks off and we go to commercial.
Handicap Match: Roman Reigns vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
Back from the break and out comes Roman Reigns for a rematch from last week’s RAW. We go to replays of that match. RAW Tag Team Champions Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are out next.
Anderson starts off and unloads on Reigns. Reigns drops him with a shoulder. Reigns with another shoulder. Reigns keeps control and knocks Gallows off the apron. Reigns nails a Drive By on Gallows. Anderson grabs Reigns from behind and lets go as Reigns runs into a big kick from Gallows. Gallows rolls Reigns back into the ring and unloads on him with right hands. Gallows stands tall as some fans boo. Gallows with a suplex and a 2 count on Reigns. Gallows with elbows on Reigns. Gallows keeps Reigns grounded now. Reigns fights up and out but Gallows knees him. Gallows slams Reigns for another 2 count. Anderson comes in for a Boot of Doom but Reigns fights them off. They all end up on the floor and Reigns gets beat down. Gallows grabs a steel chair and brings it but Reigns fights both of them off again.
Reigns drops Gallows with a boot. Reigns picks up the chair and decks Anderson in the gut with it for the disqualification.
Winners by DQ: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
– After the bell, Reigns keeps going with the chair sots. He unloads with clotheslines on Anderson in the corner as fans count along. Reigns drops Anderson, sending him to the floor. Gallows comes from behind and beats Reigns into the corner. Reigns catches him in a Superman punch. Anderson comes off the top but Reigns spears him in mid-air. Reigns stands tall as his music hits. Gallows and Anderson recover as we go to replays.
– Still to come, Braun vs. Show.
– The announcers show us the opening segment with Owens talking about Goldberg. Owens will face Sami later tonight. Also, Cole will have a sitdown interview with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. The New Day will face Jinder Mahal and Rusev next. Back to commercial.
The New Day vs. Rusev and Jinder Mahal
Back from the break and Lana is in the ring. She introduces Rusev and Jinder Mahal. WrestleMania 33 hosts The New Day are out next. Xavier Woods plugs some of his “UpUpDownDown” stuff before mentioning that they are working to land the role of the hyenas in the next Lion King movie. He also plugs their WrestleMania 33 hosting gig. Kofi Kingston informs us that they remembered the blue prints to the ice cream machine that Bo Dallas destroyed last week. This time the plans are digital. Lana ends up cutting them off and revealing that she has the plans. They wonder how she got the plans. “You know she’s Russian…” The crowd laughs. They enter the ring and face off with Rusev and Jinder now. The New Day want their plans back. We go to commercial with the two teams arguing.
Back from the break and Jinder and Rusev are in control. Rusev with a big dropkick on Kofi. Jinder comes in and keeps him down before tagging Rusev back in. Rusev runs into boots in the corner. Kofi with a tornado DDT. Fans rally for The New Day as Lana looks on.
Big E and Jinder tag in at the same time. Big E unloads with three big suplexes. Big E dances over Jinder and runs the ropes for the big splash. Big E stops the Big Ending when Rusev comes in and kicks him in the jaw. Rusev fights off Kofi but gets dumped over the top rope. Kofi runs the rope and leaps onto Rusev. Lana yells at Rusev to get up. Woods comes from behind and sounds the trombone in her ear, causing Lana to toss the ice cream machine plans in the air. Woods has retrieved the plans but he destroys the device they were on. This leads to Kofi and Big E hitting the Midnight Hour on Jinder for the win.
Winners: The New Day
– After the match, Lana throws a fit at ringside as Woods dumps the destroyed device at her feet. We go to replays as The New Day’s music plays.
– Still to come, the contract signing for the WWE Cruiserweight Title match at Fastlane.
– The announcers lead us to a video package in memory of WWE Hall of Famer George “The Animal” Steele, who passed away this past Thursday at the age of 79.
– Back from the break and Austin Aries is in the ring with Jack Gallagher. There’s a table for the contract signing and what looks like tea and biscuits. Gallagher and Aries speak a bit before Gallagher signs. Aries introduces WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville and out he comes.
Neville walks straight in the ring and signs the contract, then leaves. Gallagher stops him and thought they could sit down to talk over tea and biscuits. Neville steps back through the ropes as fans chant “tea and biscuits” now. Neville asks Gallagher if he’s for real. Neville says Gallagher is exactly what these American imbeciles expect an Englishman to be. Neville says it’s embarrassing and Gallagher should be ashamed of himself. Neville mocks Gallagher and calls him a caricature, a cartoon, a stereotype. Neville says Gallagher doesn’t really exist. Neville says the real streets of England look like this… they’re ugly and a little rough around the edges. Neville says Gallagher is what the WWE Universe wanted Neville to be. Neville says the people aren’t laughing with Gallagher, they’re laughing at him and once they see what he does to Gallagher at Fastlane, the only person laughing will be Neville.
Gallagher says he’s not playing a gentleman, he is a gentleman. The suit, the tie, the mustache – it’s all how he was raised, the way he is. Gallagher says he’s not Neville’s problem, Neville’s problem is that the thinks he’s a king and better than everyone else. Gallagher says he will not stand for that. Neville drops the title and they prepare for a fight. Neville tips the table over, shattering the tea and biscuits tray. Neville confronts Gallagher and taunt him. Gallagher tackles Neville and unloads. Neville comes back but Gallagher connects with the big headbutt. Gallagher stumbles and Neville goes to the floor. Neville runs back to the apron but Gallagher pulls the umbrella on him. Neville backs off the apron and leaves as Gallagher’s music hits. Gallagher poses with the umbrella as Neville looks on from the ramp.
– Still to come, Strowman vs. Show in the main event. We see Nia Jax backstage walking. Back to commercial.
Nia Jax vs. Sara Pierce
Back from the break and Nia Jax comes out as enhancement talent Sara Pierce waits in the ring.
Pierce attacks after the bell but Nia starts destroying her. Nia eventually hits a big Samoan Drop for the easy win.
Winner: Nia Jax
– After the match, Charly interviews Nia in the ring. The only controversy she knows about is her not getting a title shot. She wishes Sasha Banks and Bayley would try what they did last week to her. The bottom line is that she’s putting Bayley on notice.
– Saxton leads us to a Black History Month video on Barack Obama.
– Bayley is shown backstage walking and hugging. We go to commercial.
– Back from the break and out comes the new RAW Women’s Champion Bayley. We see how she won the title from Charlotte Flair last week on RAW after interference from Dana Brooke and then Sasha Banks. Fans chant “you deserve it” and Bayley tells them not to make her cry already. Bayley mentions growing up in California and gets a pop. We see the “Hugger Section” of the crowd near ringside. Bayley talks about growing up in California and having big dreams with her friends. One wanted to be a doctor, one wanted to be Brittney Spears, one wanted to be a tattoo artist but all she wanted to do was make it to WWE. She goes on and mentions calling her dad when she first won the title. She says her dad is here tonight and she tells him again, “Dad I did it!” Bayley thanks fans for making her look cool in front of her dad right now as they chant for her. Bayley brings up Charlotte and fans boo. Bayley says Charlotte is trying to tarnish the best week of her life and make excuses for her loss. The music interrupts and out comes Stephanie McMahon.
Stephanie enters the ring and shakes Bayley’s hand. Stephanie gets her own mic and asks if Bayley ever imagined she would be competing for the RAW Women’s Title in the main event of RAW, if she ever imagined people chanting “you deserve it” or if she imagined almost losing, having her opponent get hit with a cheap shot. Stephanie calls it a tainted victory. Stephanie brings up the phone call to her dad and wonders if her dad really thought “Sasha did it” instead of Bayley. Stephanie goes on and encourages Bayley to do the right thing by relinquishing the title. Fans chant “no!” now. Sasha Banks ends up coming out to interrupt. She tells Bayley not to listen to this garbage, she won fair and square. Sasha says Bayley is like a sister to her and she’s not going to let Bayley hand over what she worked for. Sasha tells Bayley to listen to the fans as they cheer.
This segment goes on and Bayley says she didn’t want her win to be like this. She says this title should represent happiness and competition, not controversy. She asks if she should give up the title and says there’s only one answer… hell no! Bayley raises the title and yells about how she pinned Charlotte to become champion. Stephanie stares at her. Bayley says the win wasn’t because of Charlotte, it was because of the WWE Universe. Bayley goes on and says no one can do anything about it… the music interrupts and out comes Charlotte. This leads to Sasha saying her knee has healed up, then issuing a challenge to Charlotte for tonight. Charlotte says her title is on Bayley’s shoulder because of Sasha and she can’t pass up the chance to put Sasha on the shelf again. Charlotte says she’s going to put Sasha in a wheelchair forever. Stephanie makes Sasha vs. Charlotte for right now. We go to commercial.
Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte
Back from the break and Bayley is on commentary as the match gets going. Charlotte goes for Sasha’s leg early on.
Sasha sidesteps out of the corner and looks to make a comeback but Charlotte turns it around and drops a bunch of knees for a 2 count. Charlotte drops Sasha and elbows her. Charlotte manhandles Sasha with a scissors now. More back and forth. Charlotte boots Sasha and tosses her to the floor. Charlotte stands tall as we go to commercial.
Back from the break and Charlotte keeps control. Sasha fights out and lands a 2 count. More back and forth. Sasha plants Charlotte on her face for a close 2 count. Sasha unloads in the corner and positions Charlotte for the double knees but she moves. They end up on the floor but here comes Dana Brooke running to the ring. Bayley stops her from behind and leaves her laying at ringside. This leads to Sasha hitting the Backstabber and applying the Banks Statement for the win.
Winner: Sasha Banks
– After the match, Sasha and Bayley stand tall together in the ring.
– The announcers lead us to the WWE Hall of Fame video package for Diamond Dallas Page.
– Charly is backstage with Sami Zayn ahead of his match with Kevin Owens. Sami’s not happy he was right about Owens turning on Jericho. Sami says Owens and Samoa Joe are very similar… they’re terribly selfish people that are always making up excuses for their actions. Sami goes on and says time eventually catches up to people like Joe and Owens. He says the story between he and Joe is far from over and while Owens has to deal with Goldberg at Fastlane, he has to worry about Sami kicking in his teeth tonight. We go to commercial.
Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens
Back from the break and out comes WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens for this non-title match. We see how he turned on former best friend and WWE United States Champion Chris Jericho last week. Sami Zayn is out next.
Sami barely makes it out when Samoa Joe attacks from behind. Joe destroys Sami and beats him around the ringside area. Sami goes down after Joe sends him into the ring post. Joe with a running senton on the floor. Joe yells at Sami about how this is his world now. Joe rolls him in the ring and backs up as referees warn him. Sami tells the referee he wants to compete and we get the bell.
Owens immediately attacks and unloads in the corner. Owens with a corner cannonball. Owens continues beating on Sami before hitting a pop-up powerbomb for the easy win.
Winner: Kevin Owens
– After the match, Owens stands over Sami and raises the title. Fans chant for Goldberg as Owens leaves.
– Still to come, Strowman vs. Show in the main event. We get a Tale of the Tape for that match.
– We see Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman backstage. Cole is headed to the back for the interview. We go to commercial.
– Back from the break and we get a graphic in memory of Ivan Koloff.
– We go backstage and Stephanie McMahon is with Mick Foley. Stephanie asks where Foley was when Bayley and Sasha Banks were disrespecting her. Foley was watching and enjoyed it. Stephanie says Mick is being insubordinate. He wants her to stop treating him like he’s stupid. He trusted and believes in her. Foley goes on ranting about Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins, saying he won’t let Stephanie’s greed get in the way of what is right.
– We go backstage to Michael Cole, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Cole brings up the match against Bill Goldberg at WrestleMania 33 and Goldberg going for the WWE Universal Title at Fastlane. Heyman interrupts him, with all due disrespect.
Heyman goes on and Lesnar scares Cole away from his seat. Lesnar takes Cole’s seat facing the camera as Heyman speaks behind him. Heyman cuts a promo on Lesnar, Owens and Goldberg. Heyman believes Owens will shock the world at Fastlane and that he has a chance to take the title to WrestleMania. Lesnar disagrees. If Goldberg does take the title to WrestleMania, it will be just another thing for Lesnar to conquer, along with Goldberg’s health.
– Back from the break and Seth Rollins will be here for a sitdown interview next week. Goldberg will also be here.
Big Show vs. Braun Strowman
We go to the ring and Braun Strowman came out before the break as the ring was fortified. Big Show is out next. They meet in the middle of the ring and face off. They back off and lock up.
They break and lock up again. Strowman tries to get out of a wristlock and he does by kicking up. Braun takes Show to the corner and they break. Braun stays in Show’s face and talks some trash. Show shoves Braun to the mat. Braun ends up with Show on the mat. Show fights up and out of a hold. Braun levels Show with a big clothesline and he goes down. Braun stands over Show and yells out.
Strowman with a big splash in the corner and more offense. Braun with big body shots in the corner now. Braun charges again but Show grabs him for a chokeslam. Braun kicks him in the gut and drops him with a DDT for a 2 count.
Braun keeps control as he beats Show around the ring. Strowman with another big splash. Strowman goes on and drops Show with another big clothesline for another 2 count. Show blocks a suplex. Strowman blocks a suplex. They trade more blocks until Show nails the suplex. Strowman runs into a big boot in the corner, and another. Show with a big shot to the gut. Show splashes Strowman in the corner and nails a flying tackle off the ropes. Show calls for a chokeslam and nails it in the middle of the ring. Show covers but Braun kicks out at 2.
Show goes to the second rope for the splash but Braun kicks his leg out. Show slides out of a powerslam. Show takes Braun to the top rope for a superplex. More fans in the arena stand up to watch. Show climbs up but Braun fights him. Show goes back to the mat on his feet. Strowman comes flying off the second rope but Show hits the knockout punch in mid-air. Strowman still kicks out at 2. Show slowly gets up and goes back to the second rope for the splash. Braun gets underneath and scoops Show for the powerslam and somewhat hits it. Show kicks out at 2. Braun drops his straps. Show grabs him for another chokeslam. Braun shakes his head and scoops Show. Braun nails the powerslam for the win.
Winner: Braun Strowman
– As soon as the match is over, the music hits and out comes Roman Reigns. Reigns hits the ring and ducks a shot. Reigns unloads on Braun and nails a Superman punch but Braun won’t go down. Reigns with another Superman punch to take him down. Reigns readies for a spear but gets a loud mixed reaction. Braun stops the spear with a big dropkick. Braun scoops Reigns for the powerslam in the middle of the ring. Braun yells in Reigns’ face and stands tall as his music hits. Braun steps over the top rope and makes his exit. RAW goes off the air with Braun smiling back at the ring while Reigns is down.
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