WWE Raw video highlights: Randy Orton attacks Ric Flair

The main event angle of last night’s Raw saw Randy Orton turn against Ric Flair, laying him out with a low blow and a punt.

After defeating Kevin Owens, Orton asked Flair to stay in the ring because there was something they needed to talk about. Orton said he had every right to be pissed off at Flair. The match against Owens wasn’t necessary, he was only in this fight because Flair’s ego got him into it.

Orton said he can’t be mad at Flair. He mentioned a time he got into trouble when he was 22 years old and Flair was the person to help him out of it. Orton said he respected and loved Flair then, but he doesn’t anymore. Orton called Flair a liability to him and his career.

Orton said he knows why Flair took him under his wing — he knew Orton could be the son he wished he had. Orton asked if Flair was crying and said that’s all he’s good for now. Orton said Flair isn’t the Flair he knew and looked up to anymore. He called Flair washed up and a junkie for the spotlight. Instead of only being concerned with Orton’s match against Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam, Orton claimed that Flair was just worried about himself.

Flair then responded to Orton, admitting that he isn’t the same person he used to be anymore. Flair said he does like the spotlight and wants to be there when Orton breaks his World title record. Flair called Orton the greatest performer in the business today and said he loves being there with him.

Flair brought up his health scare from 2017. When that happened, Flair only wanted to make sure everyone he loved knew that he loves them. Now, he just wants to be Charlotte’s dad and part of Randy Orton’s life.

Orton hugged Flair but then gave him a low blow when he turned around. With the lights flickering on and off, Orton then laid out Flair with a punt. McIntyre ran down to chase Orton off and Flair received medical attention to close the show.

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