WWE Survivor Series Results

NOVEMBER 24, 2019

— Watch the WWE Survivor Series Kickoff Show here

— Shawn Michaels has officially revealed the five superstars who will represent Team NXT in the men’s Survivor Series elimination match.


Basically every tag team that isn’t on the main card will be competing in this one. Standard over-the-top battle royal rules. If one partner is eliminated, both are eliminated.

Steve Culter is the first one thrown over, so the Forgotten Sons are gone. The O.C. work together to lawn dart Lince Dorado over the ropes into the Sons. Goodbye LHP. Curt Hawkins gets sent through the middle rope so he’s safe, but before I’m even done typing that Zack Ryder has been hurled out of the ring on top of him. They’re just happy to be here, I guess.

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Fabian Aichner and Dolph Ziggler traded nasty forearm shots on the apron, until Roode comes out of nowhere and dropkicks Aichner out. Imperium is out. Breezango is out, and NXT is not having a good night thus far. Everyone gangs up on Otis until he starts Hulking Up, delivering shots left and right as the crowd comes alive for the big man. The O.C. clothesline Tucker over the ropes, so Heavy Machinery is eliminated. Booo!

The Revival start tossing people with armdrags, but stereo dropkicks from Roode and Ziggler send them packing. The O.C. gets Roode up for the Magic Killer, but Ziggler breaks it up with superkicks, then delivers another that sends Gallows to the outside. It’s down to Ziggler/Roode and the Street Profits, so… the crowd starts chanting for CM Punk. Roode takes a double team shot but goes through the middle ropes. Ziggler is double-teamed but comes back with a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Roode is back, and he throws Montez Ford out. It’s over.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

— A graphic is shown that tracks the points of all three brands throughout the night. Raw (0), NXT (0), Smackdown (1)


I’m gonna do my best here, as this is just nonstop chaos from the start. Tozawa feints and delivers a surprise right hook early to take out the champion. He follows with a modified Falcon Arrow before heading to the top tope, but Rush stops him with a jumping elbow. Kalisto leaps up top joining them and they all trade shots, nearly falling over, before… I’m pretty sure Rush hit them both with a Double Spanish Fly, and took himself out in the process. Crazy spot. All three are back to their feet, trading knife-edge chops and hard elbow strikes. Rush launches into a ridiculous sequence of kicks, but Tozawa gives it right back to him with a leg sweep and a wild flurry of his own. These guys are so quick. Rush rolls him up looking for the pin, but Kalisto somehow rolls them both up and nearly steals it. Kalisto actually hits Solida Del Sol on the champion by kicking off Tozawa’s chest, but Tozawa breaks it up with a Shining Wizard. He heads to the top rope again, and this time the diving senton bomb finds it’s mark. 1…2… Rush kicks out just in time. The challengers go back and forth in an impressive exchange, before trading superkicks. Kalisto hits the Solida Del Sol on Tozawa but was slow making the cover, and Rush flew out of nowhere – Final Hour connects! 1…2…3.

Winner & Still Champion: Lio Rush

— Raw (0), NXT (1), Smackdown (1)


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