WWE "The Best of Sting" DVD Review

While I’ve been watching professional wrestling for almost 30 years, growing up in Canada, we never had the exposure to early WCW days. Picking up WCW programmnig in the late 90s, Sting was already established as one of the pillars of WCW, but I never quite knew or understood the true impact Sting had on the WCW product and the wrestling industry. While the Best of Sting DVD covers a large chunk of the career of Sting, it mainly serves as an appetizer if you would really like to know about the true origins of the Stinger.

The Best of Sting gives you a small taste into the beginnings of the Sting character and highlights some of the best and most impactful matches over his iconic career; however the collection fails to showcase the impact and reasons behind the character itself.

Much of Sting’s appeal comes from his over-the-top character during a time in which most wrestlers were cut from a similar mode. While we get to hear about the impact his career has had from the view of many of the past and current professional wrestlers, we don’t get to hear much from the man known as Sting himself. There are some older interviews with Sting where he does discuss some of his career highlights.

One of the biggest surprises for me was seeing the in-ring ability of Sting. My perception of Sting was that he was a charismatic individual with below average wrestling skills, however, the matches shown on this DVD – especially the ones with RIc Flair – show an individual who is underappreciated as an in-ring performer.

If you are looking to learn all about the character of Sting, you will be disappointed. This collection has some of his best matches and provides you only a brief view into the character along with some of his biggest rivalries. One can hope the WWE does this character justice by releasing a full documentary which includes in depth interviews with the Iconic Sting.

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